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If You Want My Love

Video: http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/kJ2wW34VfJ4/


I happened to hear the song. All my dears, if you know, would you please tell me the singer? 




 It was shooted on the EVE of Christmas in 2005. The artist, my neice,  was only ...Read more

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爱上忘忧草 Falling in Love with a Pain-forgotten Lily


   I've forgot the exact moment from which I would continue talking about V. DUBB to others with shining eyes and full energy. When the mind goes down to the bottom, some inviti...Read more

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The Havest of Today

     Our another "Date F4"( Old Friends 4) was held in the Shanghai Art Museum. We decided to spend a creative Bachelors' Day there, because it was said that  “les yeux ouverts” from Fabrica and other art shows were on .

The art notebooks with names and address from the students from different countries are hung up to show their various art views and attitudes. It's a wonderful idea to exchange like that.

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Our beautiful single days

November 11th is coming.

Dear single sisters and brothers,

Cheers! Happy Bachelors’ Day!


亲爱的单身兄弟姐妹们, 干杯,祝光棍节快乐!!!

Hey, don’t always complain about no company, no care, no sweet, no flowers, no chocolates but lonely, lonely, lonely… We also have some more wonderful life than the couples of lovers. p...Read more

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Let's PK.

Who is much cuter???


http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/X4pusO1vIOA/ Whose dance is even cooler?



Who is more popular with girls?

Video: http://www.tudou.com/programs...Read more

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Spices in the Life

      How terrible  and tired the mood was after a week's work! I decided to throw all of it away and restore the fun in my life.  At that moment , my old friends telephoned me---Great! Just a mini gathering is quite enough!

       Lin dated me to learn TAI JI exercise with our parents at 8:00 am( too early at weekends,5555555), then we two hurried to Ha's after one hour's training. When I got to Ha's , her lovely Bro Puppy ,Chou Chou, welcomed me with his hot bark. In fact, he was warning "Don't go up to m...Read more

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May you are always F 4

"he's grown alot and yet at the same time nothing changed."

   ----the appraise to Zai from The highest ranking Sausage-linked black-belt Zen-grandmaster of food studies  

In fact , the same to the grandmaster.  At least , in my view, he has kept the following 4 till now.

  1. F aithful relig...Read more
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Shanghai Wild Animals Park

  It was so happy to have the trip to Shanghai Wild Animals Park  with students this week.

Maybe I have no chances to get such close touch with the nature and my children for a long time.

Plants-eating animal area

The grace and light antelopes are one of my favorite animals, but  I can only touch the...Read more

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