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You are the most precious

Video: http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/WnMZzDNwoQE/

Just come back  from the  wedding of my old classmate.

The moving rhyme of " You're the most precious" which was sung by the sweet couple still winds around my mind.

How happy to find and keep the most precious one company it is!


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So cute piggy doll in the shopping mall,haha

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"the Cross Talk by Women" Edited by a Man

    I went to watch the Cross Talk show ," Women Show the Cross Talk Tonight" last Thursday .

   In fact, it's not bad. The structure is reasonable and the design of only three actresses and stages is special.  What's more , Fangfang's skills of speaking, opera, and acting on arena are so great. But the theme "Total Women" is not given prominence enough. The topics on women stays on the surfical understanding about the mental or  physical problems. After all, it is ed...Read more

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Nicky's fans meet

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Friends and Eyes

         I had to spend the rest two weekdays with the bad cough and heavy work. Of course , my poor colleagues also faced the busy days . We almost had no time to care for , greet or even meet others .

           Thanks God It's Friday last night.  I pushed the  exhausted body home, and wholly pressed on the sofa to have a deep breath--t...Read more

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Bad Cough

         feel uncomfortable  very much. need vitamin, water and sleep.

         God Bless I'll be all right soon. my weekend is coming...

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Studying the cooking

   It was so fine yesterday morning. I woke up naturally with bright mind and decided to cook a nice breakfast for Mum. Sandwish again? No, Mum must feel sick about the boring menu of mine without any change. Then I made up my mind  to  cook the roll with fried egg and shrimp which Mum loves to order best in KFC. 

      I found the flour ...Read more

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Dad's 62nd Birthday

          It's time to say Happy Birthday to my dear old dad again! Today he is 62 years old . Because Brother is too busy on business to bring my cute neice home today, I really don't know how to celebrate it warmly. Then I just bought a birthday cake , boiled the coffee and sang the birthday song for him with Mum. But he was so satisfied that he kept admiring the chocolate cakes over and over.

        " OK! I'll buy you the birthday cake every year and collect each of the photo of them. And we will be able t...Read more

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The Feeling of the Sports at the Weekend

       " Date F4" again to play badminton this weekend. But,  HA had got a fever probably because of  the careless of changeable weather. We had to go the the stadium in the team of 3. We kept waving the bats for about one and a half hours to the last minute. Applause of ourselves---the ladies of more than 30 with le...Read more

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