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Bright mood on April Fool's Day




   终于到了夜间,已民愤四起时,忽悠国王还嫌这节日过得不够热闹。拉着一杆弟兄,跑上AND大...Read more

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A whole week's work

Haven't updated my blog for a long time. It's not for my laziness, but for some day.Fool's Day? 

My God

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To Be a Happy Man

How to be a happy man?

He may have the wisdom to find the happiness anywhere around him at any moment.

Sunny or rainy morning

  a ba...Read more

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Enterprise Culture

     Dear Lin picked me up to visit the photo exhibition of her company.  The theme of the show is " Optical Impression --Vietnam& Cambodia 2008 " .  All the pieces were taken by the employees during their team trip to Vietnam and  Cambodia. To tell the truth, I was so surprised to see the whole show there. U know, she works in a housing estates company, but it made me feel that I was in an aritist team. Although it's not a big enterprise, it is more like a family with heavy smell of life. Enjoy the work while enjoying th...Read more

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True Colors , You'll Be in My Heart





I have to say I appreciate Phil , a singer with his strong personality and style, so much.

As soon as his voice rose, it  could attract all the audience to listen to him by heart immediately.


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My Movie Week


       I don't know why I will have seen four movies including the one I'll go watching tonight this week. Of course, it's my movie week. So if I do not record anything here, I'll feel sorry for God's such kind bestows. Then I have to blog though there won't be a lot of words for each.

1.《花花警探》(Playboy Cops)--最简单的快乐 The simplest happiness

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Emily 爱美丽

Video: http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/9rVmF4iRaG0/





There is a legend of a grain o...Read more

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Happy birthday, dear sweet NLV

My dear friend, all of yours including your words, PS pictures and yourself,always bring me peaceful and warm feeling. But it's hard for me to express that exactly. In one word, you always support and love V in silence. Really like you so much.  Don't laugh at my first PS piece as the birthday gift for you( sweat....everyone kno...Read more

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Small Fireball to Jerry?

hehe,  I like such an appellation. But Jerry did not say that exacctly. He is the one to so many people.

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The Meaning of Company陪伴的意义

Video: http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/pVzJjN_l8js/     陪伴的意义:若大的世界中,人就像是一片树叶,一粒沙。陪伴则是结叶的枝桠,和沙的泥水。一阵风吹来,幸而有了枝干的牵挂,水土的稳固,叶和沙才不至于黯然飘零游走。


The meaning of company: A person is like a leaf or a grain of sand in such a big big world. The company is just like the limbs and the moist earth. Thanks to the limbs'link and earth's joint, the leaf and the sand won't be blown away without direction alone even by a breezee.

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