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Going On Living a Good Life

             I can only express myself with the word " sad" for the Wen Chuan Earthquake now. The horrible tragedy happened so suddenly just after the warm " Mothers' Day". Countless news,datas,pics swarmed into my ears and view. It seemed that  someone enforce me to accept a hell into my peaceful world. Great numbers of living beings experienced much beauty and sadness disappeared at once like the tiny broken glass. But I really don't know what to do besides feeling sorrow, donating so little money and...Read more

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David's Night and Mother's Morning

I had expected David Tao's annual concert in SH this year for a long time. So I'm too excited to take the camera there last night. I could only use the mobile phone to shoot some vague pics.


On the other hand, I was lucky to get the room to st...Read more

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Mum is the lady who was bearing the severe physical pain and danger to give birth to you while enjoying the process with sovereign happiness of expectation for the new life. When she held you in her arms for the first time and had the first look at you, she had been MARIA guarding and loving you for life .


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What’s the definition of V fans? –A group of people who love the man called Vanness Wu.

What’s the definition of a good V fan?—Someone who knows how to love the man, Vanness Wu,  how to unit V fans, how to support Vanness by practical action with heart.

Then how to prove yourself to be a good V fan? OK, your opportunity is coming. Hurry to join in the first “Fan Ranking Chart”http://www.fansbang.net/index.html)to fight for Vanness’s a...Read more

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Superstar Course from King Wu--Lesson Two Keeping Ageless

   Hi, Long time no see. It's Mr. Wu and it's Superstar Course Time again! Welcome to have the second  lesson for your dream to be an eternally active and young idol in fans' heart. Then do you know who is the one with the age of one hundred, but is still terribly popular with children and makes millions of adults crazy and forget their physical age? SMART!!! ---Mickey Mouse!

嗨,好久不见。我是吴老师。现在又到了巨星大课堂的时间了。欢迎加入我们的第二课--专门为实现你成为粉丝心中目不老传奇的一课。那么到底有谁能拥有百岁高龄却始终受广受孩子们的热爱,甚至使得千万成人为之疯狂以至于忘了自己...Read more

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The Superstar Course from King Wu--Lesson 1 DISGUISING

                吴王巨星大课堂---第一课 化装术                                      


Introduction:    In order to help more friends realize the dream to to be the person who is like his idols, your dearest King, Mr. Wu, has specially designed ...Read more

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The Trip to Nan Tong

      I just came back from another Spring outing to Nan Tong for the teaching staff this weekend.

      As the original plan, we would take the bus through the lately-finished " Su Tong Bridge". But we had to change the route to take the ferry to cross the Yangzi River because of  some matter. The surprise is that the afterlight on the ferry is charming.

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Video: http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/BImRTMSpkBE/

OMG, I admire you so much, handsome HIERARCH CUTE!

Give me a hug, hahaha

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Salvatore Ferragamo --Evolving Legend 1928-2008

 I went to visit Salvatore Ferragamo's 80th Anniversary Show in MOCA  with mum today.

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Haven't You Known I'm the Small Sun?

  Hey, Small Sun.Always brighten yourself and warm us !

Hahaha, thank Miss Jean for the marvellous product so much, love u guy, muu .... ah.....

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