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Work and Play

       It's the first holiday after six-day -long work week.But my poor sisters, Linda and Joyce, seem to go on some extra work today. Worse still, they were called out to hang out with a troublesome me. Then the kindest Linda invited me to visit her new offic in SH freely during the busy work. And curious me fell in love with the awesome house so much  immediately that I ran and  cried here and there.

"Whaaaoooo....What a nice garden~!"

"Hey ! Your neighbor is a cute cafe!!! Sister,Look, look, look!!!  I can climb up the wall to see it clearly!!!" |||

" Your boss is an artist indeed! Where is it?"

"WEEEEEEE.... where can we sail today?..." (|||typical crazy daydreamer symptom...)

" Of course, the flowers decorated by sister is my favorite!!" Work <wbr>and <wbr>PlayWork <wbr>and <wbr>Play( I'm also sweet Work <wbr>and <wbr>Play)

"...Ok, my little sister," gentle Linda stopped her work and said to me with a smile, " It's time for lunch." HAHAHAHAHAHA Work <wbr>and <wbr>Play  Time For the Threesome Feast!!


      During the big dinner, poor Joyce was also called hurriedly to the restaurant Work <wbr>and <wbr>Play.  After about two hours, we finally finished the lunch and went back to work. Unfortunately, Linda's boss had come back much earlier. " Hey, beautiful ladies, you'll catch our attention away from work indeed..." Oh, so sorry...It was not good to disturb any more. However, kind Mr. Boss showed us the way to a nice street which he loves and often goes to. " Have fun, ladies!" Then Joyce and I said goodbye to the hardworking team and went to the next stop of fun.

          Exactly,a lot of fun went along the street. Happy and enegetic  young couple,

the famous person's former home,

and a big world in a small gate-- Franck

To tell the truth, Linda and Boss's favorite looks more suitable to Europeans and Americans

I am still keen on the childish style Work <wbr>and <wbr>Play.

    A fun day! A grateful day!  Thanks for  the whole afternoon company from Joyce who  did with some urgent business in the morning. Thanks for my thoughtful Linda and your kind boss. The last but not least, thank God, thank you for each great day no matter whether it's in work or play! Work <wbr>and <wbr>Play

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