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Wish, Love and Happiness

            Honey intentionally put on the new white dress to make the Wish Bear Cake with me. But ~my dear Honey, r u sure the dress with little holes here and there is a new one?

...kakakaka~~ I love my Angry Honey Bird

We arrieved at the DIY bakery on time. and the ready boss began the babery course immediately. Hey, Honey, Fighting!!!

First, pour in wish, sunshine, health, hope, faith...and Love.

  Then mix them carefully

with warmth

with more efforts...

Don't forget to get rid of the spiritual rubbish, such as anger, hate, etc, in time.

Then make the mixture into the dreamy shape.

and put it into forge.

          Forging needs enough patience and peace. If you feel a little boring, afraid or depressed. Just smile with your beloved ones or make a face to yourself.

 You will have the enough power to be the witness of your dream.

    Sometimes the result is not as perfect as what you've expected,

but you'll be given the equally unexpected harvest.

Anyway, that's your own wish, love and happiness.

And your happiness is also mine, my beloved.

Happy Every Day!

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