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The Same Angel

       It was my first time to meet my dear baby girl, Yi Cheng, at the Education Center for Special Children. 

       She is the only one girl in the seven-kid class, so I think it makes her more shamed and silent. I still remember when I said hello to her in a low  voice as softly as I could, " Hello, Yi Cheng. " She scared and covered her face at once. At the same time, the bright yellow building block is shivering in her other hand. " Oh, I'm sorry Yi Cheng. I've frightened you..."  I really felt sorry for that. And Yi Cheng kept avoiding looking at me, even when she was having lunch. She lowed down the head and fed herself hard, and didn't realize that her hair had touched the soup in the bowl... " She's always afraid of strangers and has few words" the beautiful girl teacher told me and wanted to give me a little comfort. 

      Then I could only shifted my way to get closer to her. I started playing with her cute boy classmates. Haha...you know...this handsome boy gave me the confidence back---I still have a little charm ...

and Little Yi Cheng began to see me!!!

     After lunch, the kids sat together to watch cartoons. I got down behind Yi Cheng and wanted to let her feel me intentionally.  She did feel and turned back to see me again. I moved a little closer to her silently and slowly. At that time, I did feel her as well... small, fragile but warm lively angel. Suddenly I have the emotion to hold her body from back, because her infirm hands looked like the broken wings which should had been graceful and beautiful originally...But I had to control myself and couldn't scare her again... Just watching cartoon together...we can feel each other...that's enough.

       Time flies. It was time for the noon nap and my leave.

I waved my hands to say goodbye to Yi Cheng. She saw me for the third time...

See you, my dear Xiao Yi Cheng...hope to see you again soon,  the same angel in my world. 


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