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The Good Teacher

   Last week,  during the free time between lessons, terrible Mr. Toothache was pulled  out of  me  suddenly by the kind, handsome and manful  Mr. Dentist.Thanks, GOD!!! I can have great  feast again!!!( ~~felt so hungry in the past week...)However,  within the  next  one hour, I  had to  shut my mouth and keep the cotton stick to the wound which needed to heal. It meant I couldn't say a word or finished the teaching task of that day. What should I do? At that moment, God lightened the  good idea  in my brain---why not type what I want to say on the screen through WORD? Then to my joy and surprise ,  my Grade One students were so clever that the lesson was proved to be a success...hahaha...Looking at the excited smile from the children. I wanted to praise aloud,"God! You're so amazing!"

      Oh, yes...God, in fact you're much more amazing than I had  ever imagined. After the lesson of the next day, the monitress,    Zi Han handed me a sweet notebook and said, " Thank you, Miss Sun." I opened that with great curiosity, and the moving  scripts  flowed into my view and heart~~

  What beautiful love! What a  wonderful class teacher with sensitive  feeling  of beauty! And What lovely boys and girls God gives to me!! Thank you for giving me such a beautiful loving lesson again,boys, girls,  Mrs Shen and YOU- JESUS, the best teacher of all!

    I know,You are  LOVE~  Since  it is so...  let's just GO ON!~~

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