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The Date with Happiness

         Ninja Vanya had a special mission  to comfort  one of the dearest sisters on this lunar eclipse night. After several hours' "hard" Karaoaka, eating and talking, my dear sis was still stuck in the depressing bottomless pit.  Ninja Idiot Cloud  could think of no way at all. Then we just decided to have a walk outside of the hot and stifling room.

      Just at that moment, good God showed His amazing sign to us--We saw some  ppl  shooting the drama. Went up to have a close look...and we saw ANN!!!, the leading female role in " Next Stop, Happiness". Then, although it was so cold, Ann was waiting for the next shooting  and  reading something  in silence  without any  disorder. Her peaceful side face in the warm light looked so beautiful.  "What drama are they shooting?" A sister asked. "The Date  with Happiness!I've seen the words on the drama staff truck." the other answered. "The Date with Happiness..." I whispered it again and again...She is still the leading role of "Happiness", and this time we saw her in person.  Dear sisters,  God still gives each of us  the luck to meet  HAPPINESS,right?

        So, COM'ON, my dear sisters. Just breathe deeply, calm down and keep the beauty and peace. Let us wait for and meet our true HAPPINESS patiently in grace together:)


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