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Thanks Giving the Time

      So much fluctuant emotion swarmed into the period of time with some things I had  never got ready for. I still can't make sure what affaction it was and it will be , But I am able to have the peace in mind when I see the sunshine every morning and go into the sleep after praying every night now. What amazing grace! My God!

     What power is it on earth? Curious I asked for it again and again till today--Thanks Giving!

      It's conincidence that today is my dad's birthday. And God is so good to permit me leave work for home much earlier. Although big bro cannot come home, Dad enjoyed the yearly  cake and song so much.

OH~~However, he said he appreciated the hot-pot best, because he can spend and taste the time  with us....Sorry, Dad and Mum...I'm really not a good daughter...

  Another thing to thanks  to us all is to kiss and hug Honey, whom I haven't met for about one month,~~It's too long for me...

         Then I seem to get the answer -- Thanks for giving the time from God. Thanks for giving every day with family, friends and kids which make me know, experience and learn to love. Thanks for giving every hour with the joy, pain, sucess and failure which give the way to wipe out the sins from me.  Cherish Time, cherish Love.

        Thanks God! Thanks for every given minute!

        Happy Thanksgiving!!

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