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Thanks for the Usual Mind

         Dear cousin sister telephoned me for a usual chat and shoppin with me during the very period for our family.  "OK! We should keep body and mind stronger even than before now."

          We talked for a while at the cafe and exchanged the ideas on the current affair with smooth and calm. At that moment, we both felt the true love from each other  for the family.

   Even when the tears took the tiny opportunity to get out , dear sister just wiped them away and smiled at once, " Hey, it's time to go shopping."

    After the shopping, we had a yummy lunch in my favourite Sushi shop--abusolutely  yummy versus economic. "haha, it's my treat!" lovely sister rushed to pay the bill.


       When we said goodbye to each other, I stood there and saw her off until she asked me back home again. Dear, sister. Did you know how I wished I could hold you tight then--Dear brother, do you know how much we love you? Please make efforts and come back soon! We are praying and waiting for you.

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