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Memory (3)--The Memory in Brisbane

        On the way to Brisbane, I was seriously worried about my plan which is without any careful arrangment in advance. All I could depend on is the trust-- trust God and trust the friends He's given to me, dear Laurel & David.

                             The Road to 166, Wipe Away my  Tiredness

        We were seriously disturbed by the noisy owl young boys and girls in Sydney's motel on  the night before. Worse still, we took the economic but red-eyed night flight again. When we got to Brisbane, Laurel had waited for us at the luggage claim. After the big Hello hugs to David which were repaid by his sweet kiss, we got into the exclusive sightseeing car for Protectoer Brisbane Tour Group quickly, because it would be a busy long day as David had said through the e-mail.OK,let's go!!!

       On the way to the first stop , David continously introduced some interesting places along the way and raised his fist to show the great victory in going beyond some turtle car ...." YEAH' . In fact, everything lovely David did was to make us refresh a little...Wasn't it too obvious tiredness hanging on our face ?

        Managing to keep awake, we got to the beautiful valley, Montville and Maleny. In the grace from God, peace, warmth and elegance fill the air of Brisbane everywhere which nurtures the same qualities in everything here including the flowers, the trees, the village, the market, the hills, the clouds, the sky...and the people


It made David mouth water...

       Bonnie and I made some good bargains and had to save the much thinner money pockets immediately. What's more, we all felt hungry~...

       So...where to have lunch?  It was nothing better than having the DIY hamburgers while bathing the sunshine , breathing the gentle breezes,recalling  with dear friends--Nice to see you again, Sunshine Coast!

       The lunch time seemed so soon~David reminded us of hurrying to Moot Coot-tha and catch the view of sunset...Unfortunately, the day in winter Aussie is really short. When we got the bay, it had been nearly dark~ OK, that's Ok~ just let's go on EATING& CHATTING!! ~

         After the coffee time, finally it was time "home", time to David's favorite lucky number --166.

WOW, Laurel is a top tailor!!!

graceful room decoration...

the clean, tidy and cozy bedroom for us , so thankful~

      That night, both Bonnie and I fell into asleep and sweet dream quickly. I think that had been my most peaceful dream during the Aussie Trip! Good night~

                               The Road from 166, Bring me Joy and Sunlight

      The next morning, when I went downstairs to said "morning", David's big smile rushed into my eyes, " Hey, girls ,I'm so glad to see you alive again !"

       After serving  us delicious and nutritional "honey" breakfast, David and Raurel showed us around their lovely garden( so nice to re-visit it :)) , then started the second D& L tour day for Golden Coast.

       In fact, David does not like Gold Coast, especially the surfing paradise.  " Why should we go here? Look at the heavy traffic! Look at so many people !"  I heard David grumble at something for the first time and felt a little awkward to say something.  At that moment, elegant Laurel just pat her husband's shoulder and said with a smile, " Because there's nothing more  important and happier than going a trip with our young lovely friends,  Darling."... 

I knew David always disliked the heavy commercial taste and fast life. That's why he moved from Sydney to Brisbane. And I was more grateful for  Laurel's and his great friendship for us, two visitors from a distant country. In fact, Surfing Paradise is just like some other beaches in Australia. As David said there are a lot of lazy young people who are not willing to work but play here while applying for relief payment from the government...OK, David, let's move ~


Move to beautiful Bayron Bay~

David felt much better here. He couldn't help looking for the track of whales, dolphins and turtles first and showing them to us. He also guided us how to shoot his fairy lady, Laurel,  in a good view with the lighthouse in huge interest...But my poor camera let him a little down...hahaha

And it was lucky that we just met with the open time of the lighthouse.  Nice guarder showed Fairy Laurel , Bonnie, I and some other visitors around. He introduced the history and answered us the questions patiently. His gentle smile moved us indeed.

The wind on the top of the lighthouse was strong enough to blow away the camera, but we can got beautiful views here~

We left the lighthouse and went along the coast to the most easterly point of the Australian mainland.


On the way back home, Laurel led us to her favorite beach and some interesting stores here.

I was so curious about this game in the lovely store that I made a wish and picked one from them...Then I got the answer from God--- PATIENCE. Thanks for the best sign, God. I know what I should do now~ I put back the card and hoped others were able to get or wait for God's best will for them with faith and patience.

                                   The Air from 166 Flows Along the  Riverside

         Laurel would have another busy schedule to welcome her coming grandson baby on our third day in Brisbane. So it would be our Independence Tour Day to the City. Kind David drove us to the Guyatt Park station for City Cat (city ferry) and wished us a lucky day, then we thanked him and started for the City.

        The City of Brisbane is famous for its museums and galleries. But in my view, the arts smell extends from the sceneries along the river and the sculptures in the main streets,

let alone the awesome arts galleries and museums

play the piano~

Is that my heart beat?

umm....let me miss my bed sheet at once...

don't know why~just feel the shocking beauty~

never forget kids

       After the long day visit, my eyes and brain were feed with such a gracious dinner that my Mr. Appetite felt jealous heavily. To comfort him, we made the appointment with Laurel & David to have a nice pizza dinner near the Ferris Wheel~~HAHAHA~~Perfect circles in eyes in belly and ~in hearts!!


                          Never Saying Goodbye to the 166 rooted in My Heart

        It would be the last day in Brisbane. There was something strange among all of us from the beginning. Dear David picked Laurel and us to their son's house first to have a welcome party for the coming baby. We could hardly find any words to talk in the car all the way until we got to the lovely Baby Pasture~~MOOs...  (couldn't help waiting to see the little calf here~)

        Just stayed for a while, David picked us up again to the last destination in our plan--Lone Pine. (so thankful again, dear David.)

We did have fun  , and we did complete an important mission at the Cafe table there.

         Nothing can stop flying time, no matter how unwilling we were.  On that evening, David cooked the typical Italian cuisine for farewell dinner. (Very delicious, and just as what Laurel said, " Because he has a good teacher." hahaha~~ ) And we all had some drink.  When Bonnie and I showed the card and our thanks to them, Laurel even wanted to tear and couldn't read that any more. Horrible silence in the warm house...It was closer and closer to the departure time, David broke the ice. He look at his watch and started his big smile again, " Ok, girls, have you visited all the places as your plan? Now let me show you some more. Then he led us go upstairs to introduce the pictures stuck on the wall one by one. " We shot this in ..." "..."Bonnie couldn't help crying any more ...and I handed the tissue to her while trying the best to hold the tear ...David hugged  us two tightly...two tearing girls...From the downstair, Laurel's beautiful piano music rose into our mind...That's MEMORY...

         At the airport, we hugged each other again. David kissed my cheeks with tears heavily, " Vanya, really nice to see you in Brisbane again. Welcome to 166 anytime."

            Thank you, my friends. Your 166 love has planted too much unbelieveable magic seeds in my heart. Goodbye, my friends. Although from then on, your 166 love has being with me forever...

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