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Memory(2)--The Memory in Sydney

       Sydney is the biggest city in Australia,but my biggest reason for yearning for the city is my dearest Ha Bao, my sister born in the same month as me. Before the meeting, both of us were too excited to fall in asleep...How are you, my dear friend?

                                              The City Tour with Ha Bao

       Dear Ha Bao picked us up quite early at the airport. Althougt it disordered her biological clock (I think she had become a pure lazy Australian then... ), we hugged and screamed so excitedly when we met. Unfortunately, the car in the 15 minutes' waiting area had to be driven away immediately...We hadn't hugged enough la~~~

      After exchanging the greetings and information in related, Friend Ha Bao swifted to Guide & Driver Ha for "One-day Sydney City Tour" immediately. " Look at the building on the left, it's ..."

     Besides the random interesting places, Guide Ha certainly showed us around some places we had booked .

Sydney University

China Town


Sydney Opera House & Sydney Bridge

Ha Bao's quiz question--What's the use of this building in the center of the sea?

and Ha Bao's strongly recommending-- Coogee Beach (including free fish&chips )

The deaf doggie loved fried fish so much....I could only show the figures hard to him--I have no more fish indeed, my poor baby...

Darling Harbour with Darling Ha Bao......

However, the greatest joy of all is to hug my old close friend and take the sweet meet moment forever in memory which was reported to "F4 Group in Shanghai" and made the other guys jealously scream...

                                       The Colorful World around Sydney

        The next day, we entered for a local tour group to Port Stephens with the help of Ha Bao. It was proved to be an awesome choice which gave us quite different amazing experiences in  one day.

        Close touch with animal friends in Australia Reptile Park


 Dived from the top of sand dunes and played with the soft tiny sands flowing between the fingers~

  Followed  the dolphin's track in the golden sunshine

Taste the pure local hand crafted wine

      When we got back to Sydney City, it was dark. Ha Bao had been waiting for us for a long time.  However, when we stayed together, both of us felt depressed about the flying time--I had to leave tomorrow morning-only two days meet time after several years' staying apart--so soon. I remember we linked the arms and walked in the Central Park again and again, saw each other off outside of the motel~ until the next early morning, we had the last long hug at the entrance to the airport.  My Ha Bao, Habao, habao, habao...dear sister, see you, missing you and how are you now?...

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