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Memory(1) --The Memory in Melbourne

 Dear Laurel & David,

           How are you? It's more than a week since we went back Shanghai. Everything goes well with me and it keeps fine weather in the city. However, I'm still fully missing the sunshine in Brisbane, in Australia. All the golden memories twinkle the warm,  moving, lively and grateful light from time to time in my mind. Laurel, do you remember you asked me for the English words when you saw my journey notes in Chinese?  Do you remeber the two girls in tears who were touched seriously by David's fatherlike hugs and your beautiful piano music "Memory"?...So this time I decide to write out all the Memory in Australia in English for you, my dear friend.

                                                                                               yours,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Vanya

                                             The Memory in Melbourne

             The winter in Melbourne was unexpectedly cold and changeable. We could even experience four seasons in a day.Thanks to God's sign of rainbow in the morning. we both started and ended the amazing journey in the special city which combines modern with nature harmoniously.



      It's not only the symbol of Aussi's rich agricultural and livestock products but also a sideview of local family life.

The kiwifruit is so cheap, 1 dolloars for 6!


     Melbourne is famous for its various beautiful modern buildings, and the South bank just collects the elite ones along the river. Meanwhile, the cafes, boating, bicycles,road shows, churches...spring on the strings of the river, and play the motional city music.


       City is a synonym for big shopping malls, museum, library,cathedrals,etc. It goes through the past, the present and the future of Melbourne.

The past: Old Treasure Building


The present: Melbourne Central and parliament

The future: The Victoria Library

The Forever


      There are a lot of handmade chocolate factories in Australia. It becomes one of the necessary flavors in Aussi culture.

The  producing


the products

and  the fun

I won the game!!!



We could see the smallest penguins in the world walking in line by side---incredibly cool and cute, although it needed a long time patient waiting in cold wind... ! Only one thing you should remember, don't take any picture of them or make noise to scare such little things.

Another thing I have to mention , I looked up and saw the true Milky Way shining in the sky so clealy...


   The attractive fortune stories for people all over the world. I followed the professional teacher and had a gold washing ....WOW...really got the gold!!


We went down to the underground mine well and got more educational fortune dream stories.

But the biggest harvest is to enjoy the lovely 19th Century Town in Australia.

BTW, here are lot of  pretty ladies and gentlemen.


   I can only say that just God can produce such masterpieces. If you want to know the grand grace of that and the hospitality from handsome Mickey Mouse pilot ,  please take the helicoper!

After 5 o'clock , all the helicopters stopped flying for the returning birds. There was only peace and beauty left in the world.

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