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May the Life Perfect like the Round Moon

         It's special for this Mid-autumn Festival., because there is an operation to fiil the hole of her heart today. Then I hurried to the hospital without any presents after work.

         Of course, my kind sister wouldn't mind it at all. She greeted me with a relaxing smile as soon as she saw me. I was so pleased to see her better health condition after the operation than what I had imaged. I just asked about her operation and other things as routine affairs, so I really don't remember most of the details except two. First, both my mobile phone and cousin's rang after I sat down for a while. We looked at each other with the sweet smile. There must be some short messages for greeting-- to greet for her illness, to greet our great time on the festival. What a great festival,  when so many friends and families are missing you! Second, my aunt who came from all the way to take care the patient said to my cousin," it' s your happiest day, right?" Cousin didn't answer, but she smiled so sweetly. We knew, in a few days, she would come over and become as healty as others. She can look after her lover and family without any hesitation. We also felt pleased for her.

      On the way home, Mum asked me to ride the bike back and insisted on walking home alone without my company because of my whole day work. It was about 8:00PM when we finished the dinner. The round moon outside of the window made me comfortable but a little lost.,soI dialed the number of Darling's. However,  greeting " Happy Mid-autumn Festival" each other on the phone hadn't satisfied me yet.  Then I surfed the Internet to post a perfect "moon" and wish all the people who I'm missing now or who are missing me to be happy and have a perfect life.

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