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Original news report:

F4成员吴建豪海南当老师 欲成立基金会 (海南日报)


On the morning of October. 16th, a special teacher, Vanness Wu, a member of F4( an idol band in Taiwan), came to Dan Mei Primary School, Mei Ting Station, Jin Jiang town, Chen Mai District In Hai Nan. He condole with the children and instructed them lessons as a special envoy of the List of Mobile Music. Besides giving lessons, playing football together, he specially visited two children's home just like a real responsible teacher.


I've learned so much from our king, and here is a little reflection.

Four tips for being a teacher from V. DUBB (just have fun)


Delicious DIY bread with the teacher's big love must be yummy, yummy......

u've got the good manner(especially for the smile) and pose for a teacher.

Wooooo, patience is one of the most necessary qualities of an outstanding teacher.

Put yourself into the children and suppose you are a member of them. Good interaction helps u to be their close friends as well.

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so cute Vanness~~ i want to eat his bread~~ kaka~~~
over 12 years ago
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SO CUTE...can I hired this teacher personally??haha,...so sweet and loving..touch by him once again...
over 12 years ago


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