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       Hello,Habao, my old friend. Long time no see. What a big surprise ,  an old friend's unchangeable concern and greeting beside, that you gave to me from the distant Australia.  Dear Sister June, I miss you so much. How I wish we could celebrate our month at the beach together again... um...of course, this time, my treat!! hahaha

      Hello, my newly born baby neice! How do you do? Welcome to my world and to bring more sweet in my life. Do you know how magic it is to touch your soft   and tiny hands? How peaceful it became  to watch you dream in silence. At that moment, I was so grateful to God. Thanks, God. Thank You for giving us more hopes and happiness in the world...oh~~ Also thank you, my baby ~~you're just the angel who's been bringing and sharing them. Thanks for joining in accompanying me:) [心]

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