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Forever Friends

          The trip to Australia in 2007 was an incredibly unforgetable one in my memory, not only for the sceneries perfectly joint with nature and humanlism but also for  some friends, some really good friends, such as the sweet  couple--Laural and David,

          I felt so grateful to them for leadingm me go to the local church , attending the holy, romantic & warm wedding, driving me to Sunshine Coast where they met each other for the first time, the  potatoes chips and fried fish, delicated strawberry cheese cake  piano music " Amazing Grace"~ and the BYE BYE HONKING by Fairy Laural ( called by cute David), ~~HAHAHA~~ really scared my homestay XD...so much fun and overwhelming friendship~~

         After coming back to Shanghai, I missed them but didn't know how to repay their hospiality enough. So I can only send my Christmas wish with the Christmas pictures of my family to them every year by e-mail. And very soon, I would get their reply on their mavellous experience  recently.  Of course the same good thing happend at  this magic Christmas...


       I'm not sure about their exact position in my heart, friends? teachers? or elders? And  I even don't know how to express my feeling to the friendship. Just want to thank God, thank God for giving me the precious and forever friends.

      God bless you, Laural and David. & God bless the love in HIM, Amen~

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