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Amazing Friends--The Blessed Trip in HK(2)


Night with God and Friends

        I can't help writing but really don't know how to describe the exact amazing feeling of that night yet. So I've edited this part of journal for times. Because the only thing I can make sure about that magic night is that God bless me, God bless us and God  bless our love ~~my dear friends.

        No one knows how good my Darling is at all. After a good treated dinner from her ,she managed to get a quite good seat at the concert for me for free as well!!  

    After entering the concert hall, I saw some notice board with something like 'No shooting'~. In addition,many securestars were responsible to remind us of that and told us not to show light boards too high &*^%$(#)@!...OK, to be a polite fan~ I sat and talked with dear Carrie in low voice, and tried to hide the cameras from the nearby securestars' view till the lights went out...

    It's hard for me to remember how the prologue went by the hostesses.My memory just seemed to restart when V appeared as the opening performer on the stage in his beginning logo prelude "Wu---JianHao----". Then~ King started to sing "Never Let You Go"  to catch each fan's eyes and heart.  Yepp!! On the stage, he always has the magic to never let you go. At least , it's absolutely exact forme each time, ~especially for this time. Praise the Lord, the following old songs," DO IT, REASON, SOLDIER(scream!!! )" were all the ones which I wanted mostly to watch precisely ( God ,You always knows me best!!!). Praise the God, V had got the power from angels which made him give us the most fluent, most energetic and most shining dances & singing I had ever watched.No exaggeration at all! But the deadly defection was that under securestars' supervise we were not allowed to stand up and raise the boards high~~ OOoops, that hurt us deeply to the inner. What could we do to release the passion in the body which had been overflown? --Only scream---VanNess!!!


   Thanks God more! V brought us more and more.Hahaha~~ he took off the coat  and showed more of his well-built body. V.Bubbnes slowed down and said more words and made more fun to us fans.

       Now to me again~ the key is that he sang news songs in the new album, to show his more efforts on music to feedback us friends who support him all the way. However, this is not all. As soon as Carrie and I found some empty seats in front rows. We quickly moved there and stayed closer to V. At the same time, I believed V also saw us and heard our scream more clearly. Because he looked at us 2 just after hearing the scream. Then some more sweet things related to AIYA incredibly happened. Hey, V, that's the sweetest song I've ever heard. It was an amazing warm and comfortable feeling to sing " A---YA---"  together with you while we were smiling at each other... Aya~~ that's the love, the tacit understanding between old friends...u know and I see with no more words--- God is with us.



        Sweet time always flies faster. V declared his last song of that night. I think he must know what we really desired .“Just stand up as you want!” --YES, KING! All the V fans sprang up and cried out!!!--LET's GO!!! Let king view where his parade is!!! No securestars! No disallowance!! No Nos!!! Is This All? No!!! King exerted all his energy to walk and sing with the micro...at last, he even rushed down to his subjects to recieve much crazier applausing and touching!!! "This is it !!!" I was looking at his back and screaming to God in silence at that moment--This is the Best Love God gives to us. and~~not only tonight...~~God, I nearly couldn't control tearing~~~"VanNess, I LOVE U!!!" Finally, I couldn't help crying out that towards his back which was leaving the stage in the shining firework...

    The passion still stired up us. All of us failed to fall asleep and decided to go on the party in the hotel--Crownz Plaza...to talked, talked, talked, talked about our V. Dubbness till midnight...Oh, almost forget to say that, to our huge surprise, Crownz Plaza was one of the sponsers for the concert event... Thanks, Yingying! Thanks for the offering! Thanks, God!! You're sooooo good!!

      The next morning, we recieved the message that V would take the night flight. Ying and I couldn't see him off at the airport. That's OK la~~ Hearing that, I just smiled and looked out of the window of the running taxi...It's not important for me to say goodbye to V now.

Above all, I had found what is with you and us... see you, my dear friend, V.

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