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Amazing Friends--The Blessed Trip in HK(1)

       When I saw the page which God showed me in Bible after the prayer with all heart, everything confusing flew away from my heart immediately--- Isn't it so obvious to me? God just told me, " Go!" ...Then I made up the mind to step on such a blessed trip--God bless my trip to HK to see my friends.

                                                             The Trip with Angels

        Just sat down and put the luggage on the seat of the express line in HK, my mobile phone rang---WHERE ARE YOU NOW ON EARTH?!~~ Besides my  Darling Angel, who else has got such a fierce and cute voice ...( Ahhhh...Don't mistake...Cute cute cute  is the key...I don't want to be kicked. ..) In fact, I was late for about half an hour because of the delayed flight, Darling must be very worried about me who always gets lost...Worse still, when I met my darling, I even forgot to give her a big bear hug but only smiled like a fool...Darling, long time no see~~

        With many friends company, I didn't wait too long for V's existence. In a while, in the screams,in white shirt of deep V -shaped collar(OMG, the most lethal style to me...), King Van ran to his stage,sang and danced "Is This All" for us directly.Com'on! That's his first live show of this song in HK! That's his new songs we've expect for so long! Is this all? Of course not! He is the king,the sun, the light at the stage to shine us? Can you hear the powerful beats? Can you see his passional dance?Do you understand the meaning of the big chorus--Is this all i've been searching for ?!!!...

        It may be fans' awesome behaviors for reason. After the hot dance and a short chat with hostess, V took off his cool sunglasses, the cover of his starry slim eyes, and started the closer interaction with fans---Feeding and guessing the special food in HK.


  "Ready?" Food is coming!!!  The friends on or off the stage both enjoyed the wonderful time with our sweet V. As to me...would like to catch every detail of him, would like to shoot each pose of him, would like to hear all his words,would like to raise the VIFC boards high and cover my face from being shot by media (the principle for a lucker )...so...I was too busy to deal with even one thing well~~no clear pictures, no attentive watching, was shot by someone's Iphone(luckily,only a small part of my face...)  


     ...However, my tradegy didn't stop yet. When the part of signing came, I walked close to V and handed in the prepared piece of paper with my English name in a little panic mind and the gift for congratulating on his new album. "Congrats on the new album! Can you..." I could hardly hear my last two words, and just knew V responsed politely, "Thank you!", but the clerks beside seemed to show it wasn't allowed to sign fan's personal name~~I admit, I am a weakling, I gave up~~  Everything I could think of was that I failed to get a sign for my birthday  ...soooo tragic... But God is always amazing! He always sends me the best angel to bless me . My Darling Angel volunteered to help me get another V sign and told me if I want that just told V directly. He is a good guy who cherish fans very much. OK, now I would try again...I went to the line, waited to ask V to sign and showed him another piece of paper with some friend's name again...The same as the last time, V  was busy with signing and couldn't see the paper exactly, I suddenly said in courage, " VanNess,would you please sign the name for my friend?" ..."Sorry, please don't ask for personal sign..." the clerk was still explaining, but this time V quickly signed "Jean" on one of the evenlops~~~ VVVVVVVVVVVV, I've got that!! THANK U V, You're really a nice guy!!! Felt a little excited, I got off the stage and saw Angel also joined the queue again.  Soon she gave me a new signed envelop -- What a wonderful signed file evelop!!! THANX , MY ANGLE!I couldn't help giving her a big big hug and kiss.  

   I LOVE YOU, GUYS! You're all my angels!!! Thanks, God. Now I'll be much braver for love!



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wow!! glad you had a wonderful time in HK.
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