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So ya'll want more huh????? | 你們想知道更多?????

Aight....well let's see what's new since the last blog.....hmmm.mmmm.....absofuckinlutely NOTHING! I'm still in China, it's still Hot as hell and people all around want ice water...all I do is wake up in the morning log onto the computer...man what a loser I am, then after I go run around my hotel for an hour to try to keep fit from all the yummy grease filled food they serve here. When I ask them...please less oil, they say no problem, then take a gallon full and start cooking with it. So then...Read more

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Watup watup!!!! | 嘿,嘿!!!!

Watup watup!!!! If ya'll thought I was dead guess again...I'm alive not dead...shit that was cheezzz'dddd.....but whateva. Anyway Suprise Surprise I bet you're thinking wtf is Dubbz doin on here? Well as I was alone.....by myself......in solitude (no sexual content was

involved) I thought to myself wouldn't it be nice if I was able to be on an online community with my fellow entertaineeee'z.................??????? And then my good buddy Read more

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