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I consider the future today

I think I must do some plans

Maybe I need more study to improve myself

Maybe I need study abroad


I am very troubled to have the choose

When I  searched of foreign university on line ,

I find a lovely and beautiful place---Malta~

Malta is located in the central part of the Mediterranean island

Maybe I can go there with my lover in many years later~

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Maybe i have to close to God~~

Always feel I am very lucky to have many friends

They keep me be far away from the bad mood

Maybe  not to adapt to university life

I am always being perplexed by a few things such as the relation with my roommates

sometimes i lose trust to the friend

I know this will hurt my friend

Therefore, I have to reflect on my bad behavior

Have recently read some reports about  VANNESS

So I feel maybe I have to close to God~~


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