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M.A.C Style Warrior

STYLE WARRIORLook at this, M.A.C always does an excellent job of making awesome packaging with sparkly colors.  
With animal print decorating the surface, it only pushes to show that every women as an animal within...  Available at all M.A.C counters on May 29, 2009...<a href=Read more

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Inedible Colorful Sprinkles :)

With the onset of the economic crisis, it was scientifically proven that clothing sales tend to be of darker colors, i.e. black and grey.
Why? Why? Why? Dot dashes of color into the wardrobe with these wonderful and fun accessories!! :)))you can never go wrong with a bit of color![](/attachments/2009/04/22/12/329877_200904221236422.thumb.jpg)Sequin beaded multi strand necklaceDesigned specifically from Nordstrom, this fashion powerhouse retailer uses nothing but the best in ...Read more

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Vomiting, Politics and Copulation

It really might be the fact that I do a lot more relationship writings and I think more, write more, and observe more about the dynamics between the man and the woman.  But, it literally makes me feel sick, like one of those ‘my-stomach-equals-queasy’ emotions.  Why?  Even though I spend so much time thinking about it, it doesn’t make me more informed about the decisions that we make on a day-to-day basic.  My friend and I have many hated and thought-enlightening conversations trying to dissect the rationale behind our decis...Read more

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Instant hotness

Today, I would like to place the spotlight on a brand every female who wants that sexy come-hither look, just by sporting these drool-worthy shoes.
Francesca Mambrini - Brand from MilanoTheir stuff is so crazy but very feminine and sexy.  Notice how the heels are constructed and the various materials used to play on color.I knew the europeans were shoes masters![](/attachments/2009/03/329877_200903181243461.thumb.jpg)<...Read more

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Sexy peepers

Alright, it was all inspired by that pair of Lambo shoes Tom cooper designed.
Those shoes are a god-send.  I am trying to figure out how to get a pair of them, just to say, "Yeah, I have some Lambos."Hence, the ultimate shoe searching.  Allow me to share.You can never go wrong with black... the take on black pumps.Read more

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I love online shopping and new products, but Karmaloop is way awesome. They have very one of a kind things and even carry NYC LOOP.  Remember those boom box bags?

Check out these products:Cinderella Braided Wrap Charm Bracelet USD $90Like the Bohemian look but not free-spirited enough?  The tiny charms add class and style to this fun and flowly de...Read more

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Tech Chic

Who would not want this?
HP Mini Vivienne Tam.

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Writer's Block

Yes. I was blocked. Still kinda blocked.Doesn't really matter because people don't actively check my blog.Heck. I could type on here that I have a crush on Simon Yin and Derrick Fong and no one would do anything with that info.But, it's exactly for that reason that I do like writing here. Right. So since November, haven't posted anything up. That's because I have been busy trying to change the world with my wonderful words.Now, I am back. Not so busy and not so successful.Will stick with fashion, beauty & occasional...Read more

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It's that time again... a festive period of too many martinis and justified stranger snoggings.Tired of working that SAME Little Black Dress (LBD)? The ladies at Fontainebleau Hotel Opening And Victoria's Secret After-Partyin Miami show us how....Heidi Klum & Seal - The Power CoupleSure, we don't have Seal as arm candy, but we can take hints ...Read more

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Ribbons & Bows Galore!!

E ver so girly and sweet, bows no longer are confined to our hair.  Instead they adorn everything!  In a homage to the darling innocence of ribbons & bows, I present.....HOT OFF MARC JACOBS 09 SPRING LINE...It's darling.... Look at that ribbon!...Topping my must-have list! <3Read more

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