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Writer's Block

Yes. I was blocked. Still kinda blocked.Doesn't really matter because people don't actively check my blog.Heck. I could type on here that I have a crush on Simon Yin and Derrick Fong and no one would do anything with that info.But, it's exactly for that reason that I do like writing here. Right. So since November, haven't posted anything up. That's because I have been busy trying to change the world with my wonderful words.Now, I am back. Not so busy and not so successful.Will stick with fashion, beauty & occasional xxx columns ( yes. that kind of xxx)What do we have today?If all else fails, do a Megan Fox.White T-shirt, Jeans & Boots.Come on. you must have that in your wardrobe.if you don't, go bury yourself because you will never look any good.

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Aww..shucks...we love you too.
about 11 years ago
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oh and Rob's jealous
about 11 years ago
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Simon Yin would DEFINITELY do something with that info!!! ;)
about 11 years ago


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