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a friendly debate with a friend

I was debating with a friend of mine about the state of the world. He insisted that we should focus on getting rid of global warming and I insisted that we should focus on ourselves before we focus on global warming. He then told me that we would not survive if we didn't try to stop global warming. I agreed at a point but I pointed out that we are no good to the planet if we can't even take care of our self's.


The point I want to make in this blog is that we can't really help change ...Read more

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apologizes and the current state of youtube

First off, I would like to apologize for keeping on typing AoD instead of AnD, for some odd reason, this site reminds me of another site i used to moderate.

With that out of the way I would like to talk about youtube. It has gone down hill ever since it gain popularity. There are perverted videos everywhere of women being attack, strangled, beaten, and so on. I try to flag these videos but they won't go away! Google, who now owns youtube, is allowing these videos to be upload but only removing them if t...Read more

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