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hmmm...i'm really really drained from work. I basically worked 3 days straight. & i'm dying. my arms are killing me. on top of that, sunday was the worst, becos on saturday i was literally DEAD for the entire day. I couldn't even open my eyes, & i just felt like lying down & sleep. I lacked so much sleep friday night! =\ sighs` not good...not good!!! I don't understand it, i'm so use to not sleeping at sudbury, so many people to chill with, so high all the time LOL. & i always end up fine in the end. The next morning i'm always like feeling hyped =S. But this year, i pretty fucked myself over. Like that saturday morning, i slept at 6:30ish? K. & i only got 1hr sleep? & then ended up going to McD's for breakfest & i ate & then felt kind of nauseas throughout, cos' friday night i didn't really eat dinner & i was like UGHHH....the food is like COLD & SHIT LOL. & then later on that night, i only had beer & coolers. =S wtf. ya. pretty fucked right? well anyways, i was literally complaning that i was hungry & starving like crazy! Me,jason,melvin,& vince decided to walk to mcD's that night after the rain stopped, and then guess what? MCd's ended up closing. But ONLY the drive through was opened. so WTF? what kind of service is that? SHIT. omg. i was sooooo fucking pissed! I had NO FOOD, & i was cold & starving. omg. thank god melvin had his left over earlier on that day? but it only helped a bit...but i was still starving. so yeah. just basically chilled & talked throughout the whole night with vince,melvin,& kevin. Jason just ditched us later on & yeah. you know the rest ;) hmmmm....was bit awkward w/ the guys. cos' i was the ONLY girl there. But whatever, i like to be open. & it's probably my only chance to get to talk with guys like that. like in a small group? We had pretty random conversations, & then turned into serious & then turned into jokes & then turned into relationships. & all 4 of us ended up sleeping around 5ishhh =S woke up & saw jason in the room & i decided to follow him into brenda's room. & i see them sleeping so i just collasped onto brenda's bed. & slept at the edge of the bed LOL. & then all of a sudden i ended up sleeping on one of the sides & that's how i found out jacklyne took a picture of me sleeping LOL. aghhhh ><" oh wells, it was fun while it lasted! To be honest, it got really really fucking boring when the dancers arrived into howin & wilson's room! That's why i basically ditched that room & went to look for jason & vince cos' i know they're having so much fun LOL =P anyways....i was really glad that i left that room. I was literally just sitting there, watching CLK & ECHO playing cards. & then all of a sudden there would be people branching off into their own little groups. so i told myself. K FUCK THIS. I'm not gunna waste my time on this shit. & that this could be our last night @ sudbury? k.!?! but yeah, i was happy in the end =) hahaha. so jokes. loved it! =) hmmm what a hectic week for me =S now i get like wednesday & thursday off. & then i have go back to work on friday & saturday.!!! Damn, both days i'm closing with matt & that means MORE work for me to do ><" SIGHS....i'm thinking of getting another job & quit MA =S i'm sick of serving customers & i'm sick of seeing meat & cheese. ugh. disgusting! but what can i do? it'll have to do for now. I'll see what happens for the next 2 months or so =\

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