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    Thursday, Jul 9, 2009 8:22AM / Standard Entry / Members only

    So my friend is heading back to HK this sunday & i wont see her till AUG24. Pretty much spent the day with vincci & then met up with the guys (mark&t-man&matt). We ended up watching My Sister's Keeper. Well, i felt like watching it so last night me & matt decided to choose this over Public Enemies LOL!!! JOKES!!! OMG...i ended up crying like a baby...seriously, i've never cried like this in the movies. Like it was so touching & so emotional. ON TOP OF THAT, i'm a   sensitive person, & i cry easily if i watch anything sad LOL!!! But i enjoyed it, vincci enjoyed it, but the guys....not so much i guess haha! Especially T-MAN....he literally sat next to me & he watched me cried throughout some parts of the movie haha, & mark ended up crying A BIT. Awwww what a cutie!! LOL. & matt just literally sat there haha. Oh wells, it was good bonding time with mah buddies =) i have to say...i had a pretty productive day! Wasn't shit, i really enjoyed it. Now my next movie with them probably gunna be BRUNO =D I HAVE TO WATCH IT!!!! I'll wait for that bitch to come back from HK & we'll go watch like another movie together hahaha =P HMMM.....there's so many more movies i wanna watch HP6!!!! hehehe...childish of me? NO. HELL NO. tell me who doesn't love HP!?! hahaha. =D i'm such a loser lol

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