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ALBUM OF THE YEAR - Winner of Indie Music Channel Awards 2016

I'm not an awards-kinda-guy, but it is nice when your work is recognized.Back in September 2012 I visited Sweden and spent some time with my good friend Maluni who introduced me to a Swedish singer she thought I should meet, Viktoria Tocca.

She had plans for an upcoming album and I apparently had the skills she was looking for to be able to make this album. In January 2013 I started mixing the first song and after a trial-album and 3 brand new songs we finally had a fi...Read more

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New Music Composition

Created a new piece of music for a "New Genre" competition at Samplephonics. You can view the competition entry here:  http://on.fb.me/14VS4oYA bit hardcore for Hong Kong standards :)Please help me win this competition by hitting "Like" at the above link.A direct link to the music piece is:  https://soundcloud.com/warewhulf/hipnotica-samplephonicsRead more

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New Instrumental Song Completed!

Video: http://www.reverbnation.com/play_now/song_14583789 Just finished composing and mixing a new instrumental song that goes along with a short movie for a Swedish artist friend of mine who creates art on glass.

Can't even put a genre to this piece of music but would welcome any feedback.

The song is called "Maluni's Vision".

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Mixed a song for an anti-psychiatric MV

Some nice, creative illustrations in this video!

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7dS5Bq__w-0

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You Can Help To Salvage This Planet!

Decisions are made in the next 3 days which will affect whether vested interests gets their way and we continue short profit for the Big Boys in Oil, etc, or we get countries who may actually listen compared to the US which calls climate change a conspiracy to implement laws that stop the current destruction of the place you walk every day.

Help do something about the planet you're living on and sign this petition!

h...Read more

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Check Out New Dorito Commercial

Just mixed this Doritos commercial for the upcoming Super Bowl Doritos contest. It's a real cutie! It takes a few seconds for the video to load and get through the Intro, but have patience and enjoy!

Video: http://www.crashthesuperbowl.com/#/gallery?video=12243

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Just finished mixing a new Hong Kong movie

Made history last week!

The studio I'm working at was previously only doing sound design, but since I arrived and designed and build a new 5.1 mixing room, the studio was able to take on the entire audio post production for a feature film, including mixing.

The movie is called "Summer Love" (戀夏戀夏戀戀下) and is the first feature film the former TVB di...Read more

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Hong Kong - Hidden City of Otherness

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PgKZdnlo-wU There are many fine individuals in Hong Kong. It is very dangerous to generalize something. What I'm about to say however is a somewhat frequent observation I've had throughout my 1 year stay in this city.

I live in a small village in Clear Water Bay. In this village all the actual house owners are part of the "Lau" family. Everyone here is a "Mr. Lau". A few resid...Read more

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Ode to Jeanne Hartman

Ode to Jeanne Hartman

While all men and women are created with equal rights under the law of most nations, an examination of the individuals in the society rapidly demonstrates that not all men are created with equal potential value to their fellows.

There are many schools of thought on the subject of competence. I have my own. I believe competence is not a question of one being more...Read more

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About Friends...

When she was eleven years old, Julie went to her mother to complain.

“I can’t manage to have friends. They all stay away from me because I’m so jealous.”Her mother was taking care of newly-born chickens, and Julie held up one of them, which immediately tried to escape.

The more the girl squeezed it in her hands, the more the chicken struggled.Her mother said: “Try holding it gently.”

...Read more
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Music producer, composer and mixer running a studio in Sai Kung. www.warewhulf.com

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