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Pre-Review of Transformers 2

 Yes. i watched it! At freaking 11 in the morning after work, with some colleagues nonetheless! Either way, I had to check it out especially since the douche-bag of a movie of a movie critic gave it half a star. HALF A FRIGGING STAR! Oh.. what is a pre-review you ask? Its so i don't spoil the movie for those unfortunate souls who haven't watched it yet... I'll do a full one at the end of 7 days, at which point i'd have probably watched it again >:)

Right on. Anyway, the first task on the list is... Oh y...Read more

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My Very Messed Up Dream

 I don't dream a lot. And when i do, for some reason, they are always vaguely reminiscent of the kind of visions a frequent user of LSD would have.

So, it starts out in a vague dream reconstruction of my fire station, where I am getting ready to go for weight training with some of the guys. So we head up to the 4th floor, to a classroom which has one weight machine and a barbell, and we begin doing exercises, when suddenly after traversing around the room for no particular reason, one guy freaks out and goes "Look the...Read more

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REM again

 Ah yes... another day another review. It's been what? 14 days. That's not to say that I haven't watched anything worthwhile, but it does mean that i haven't been arsed enough to review them. Oh well.

Another interesting episode of we are REM. Though i need someone to explain to me why for the first ten minutes the 3 leads all had the same strange pink lipstick on. Also there is a new character whom i didn't know about since i did not catch the last episode. A new detective called... uh.. I don't actually know. But t...Read more

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Twilight... yes that one.

To say that I endured watching the movie would be a lie, the numerous bad lines and constipated expressions of various characters made the movie enjoyable enough. Yes it was enjoyable for all the wrong reasons, but i gets credit for not making me fall asleep (read: Chicago). With the firm knowledge that much money and fame can be gained by publishing one's own day dreams about high school life and sexual encounters of the vampire kind give me faith that one day I too can be a famous author. Well, anyway on to the whole reviewing...Read more

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 I just finished watching another episode of we re R.E.M. Interesting premise, where the girls house-sit for Shai so that he can solve a math puzzle for them. Which begs the question "If Inspector Gomez had such a profound understanding of the Heisenberg Equation and could construct a code using it in conjunction with sign language, mentally, as he lay dying from a slit throat... What The Fuck was he doing as a police officer in the first place?!"

The other weird thing was that, the reason shai asked them to house-sit in place of him wa...Read more

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Movie Triple Bill Part 3: Horsemen

 Ok.. so... what was good about this movie.. a few things... Hmm.. Well this movie, is kinda what you would get if you let Dan Brown write the screen-play for the Parent Trap, that movie featuring a pre-scandal Lindsay Lohan and Dennis Quaid. So essentially it's Dennis Quaid playing the estranged dad... again.

No spoilers here, but the movie seemed promising, what with the biblical references and the mystery, and cult killings. And then they reveal one of the antagonists, which completely hits you in the face of...Read more

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Movie Triple Bill Part 2: Wolverine

 Oh boy oh boy. Yes, so, Chris randomly calls me out on wednesday night to tell me he has a spare ticket for the gala premiere of Wolverine. Who says no right? And after watching the movie, I must say, it's pretty good. Better than the 3 X-men movies. I'm not saying it doesn't have it's flaws. It definitely does. Certain issues with continuity and whatnots. But overall a decent and enjoyable movie.

Right, so for hardcore comic fans, well not that hardcore really, the movie will have a mixed receptio...Read more

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Movie Triple Bill Part 1: Taken

 Watched "Taken" with my dad. Before I begin any sort of review, let me share this quote from the bit where his daughter gets kidnapped and he realises it's the kidnapper on the phone: -

I don't know who you are. I don't know what you want. If you're looking for ransom, I can tell you I don't have money... but what I   have are a very particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you let my daughter go now...Read more

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Paris Hilton and her BFFs

Yes. I got home today and while flipping channels came across Paris Hilton's My New BFF on MTV. 20 minutes later, much to my own horror, I was still watching the damn show.

Only MTV can conceive and actually realise a show where Paris Hilton doesn't seem to be the most superficial character or where the point of the show is not to laugh at her inability to do "simple things", like you know herd cattle. On a tangent, it can be said that in a country where a show can pretend as if cattle herding is as easy as...Read more

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