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    Thursday, May 10, 2007 2:06PM / Members only

    "Welcome to my newly created profile!" :: i decided to keep the welcome message. O_o

    first impressions are important. :: but i don't know if that applies on "blogs". what to say first.

    a little bit about me ::  i like to be silly once I'm comfortable.
    And I like to be around silly people.

    joined blog :: obviously because to support da talented group alive not dead and individual members.

    ...Wouldn't it be nice...
    To wake up every morning with just a true appreciation
    of who you are,
    what you have,
    and who you're with.~
    inspired by the movie fifty first dates..

    If there is a wound, we must heal it.
    If there is someone who's pain we can cure,
    we must search till we find them.
    If God has chosen we should survive,
    it will be for a reason.
    ~inspired by -captain mandolin-~

    i'll write up another blog when i'm done with my work.. :)

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