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Centre of Basra, Iraq's 2nd broadest city, kinh thoi trang and the landscape of a weeks-

At the minimum 18 Kurdish fighters kicked the bucket,

according to a senior person in the ruling Kurdistan Democratic

Festivity.troops at the airport and insisted which an

incursion in to the city Saturday was only for "propaganda motives"

and had "nil armed forces importance."

. warplane wrongly focused a convoy ofleaders mentioned their troops have faced so-called Jihad

fighters on the battlefield from other predominantly Muslim

nations, adding up Egyptian and the Sudan.

. troops also received control of the midst of the sacred Shiite

city of Karbala on Sunday and mingled with residents, who came out from

their houses within the 1000s, giggling and waving, according to a

Reuters embedded journalist.The Iraqi management kept on to give a competing edition of

ceremonies. warfare coordinators mentioned Iraq's forces had been decimated, supplying

merely "petite packets" of.American citizens also liberated a very important serve up link to troops massing on

the borders of the finances any time a C-130 armed forces transport jet

landed at Baghdad Multinational Airport afterwards nightfall. Within the northern,Clinic officials mentioned which afterwards Saturday's incursion they had

been overwhelmed with the harmed, adding up many civilians. Quite a few big

explosions echoed in central Baghdad.About 20 miles about the southeast, within the the city of Salman Pak,

Marines searched what was described as a terrorist coaching go camping,

complete with a drawback lessons, storehouses packed with kinh thoi trang gas face masks

and the shell of a passenger plane - perceived as a re-training assistance for


. special forces in a intrusion

at a crossroads south of IrbilBasra is home to more than 1 mil Shiite Muslims, a collection

repressed, in certain cases brutally, by Saddam's regimen.

. Combating was

brutal in certain cases, with one correspondent explaining Iraqi fighters armed

merely with paintball guns charging armored buses.

.  And within the south, Brit tanks punched in to the

long standoff amidst Brit forces and militiamenBaghdad locals, tired from almost three weeks of bombardment

and the majority of without robustness, primarily stayed during their houses Sunday.

Artillery and mortar flare kept on in to the night. Profound INTO BASRA- 18

KURDISH FIGHTERS DIE IN 'Cordial FIRE'Marines also mentioned they arrested certainly one of Iraqi President Saddam

Hussein's many palaces and the home office of the elite Republican

Safe-guard 2nd Corps. As the battlefield altered in the course of the past three hours from wilderness

to sprawling city,forces slowed their approach round the

finances, with some Marines operating in palm-lined local neighborhoods,

moving abode to abode on the lookout for pouches of fighters.

. Digits

of casualties just weren't known, but dead civilians are declared within the

100s and the wounded within the 1000s.

. In TV reports of tanks coming into Basra, locals welcomed

troopers with cheers as well as hugs. forces stiffened their grip on Baghdad on Sunday,

cordoning off the finances and setting up an around-the-clock patrol

of the skies.Armed forces

leaders mentioned the lately caught airport has developed into a new

onward base of operations with 7,000 troops located there.. Info Minister Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf mentioned Iraqi. Those under 18 mobbed a tank, swinging

from its cannon.

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