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Jacky Cheung's MV|張學友新MV - Double Trouble|张学友新MV - Double Trouble

Video: http://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gkebsciAnfQ Wing and I directed this MV for Jacky.  One day shoot but many days of pre-production. 

 http://v.youku.com/vshow/idXMTYyMDk5Njgw.html| Video: http://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gke...Read more

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Hot Summer Days- A big thank you!

A big big big thank you to everyone's support and effort on our film.  The film was released in China on the 11th.  And we are the NO. 1 Chinese film!  The film will have its wide release in HK this week and across asia next week. 

《全城热恋》上映首日火爆 掀起全城热潮

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Hot Summer Days (Post-production)

A year ago at this time, Wing and I went to a meeting with Fox.  I did my pitch; they loved it.  But... I thought to myself they ain't gonna let two new dude(unfamous-nobody-no name-director) to be their director for their first Chinese language film.  Just no way...

A year later, we shot the film.  We're doing the post-Production.  Editing, music, sound design, VFX...etc  Plus going through the whole process of getting the censor approval for China market...  With a release date set at the Chinese New Year; ...Read more

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Two weeks to edit a whole film is crazy, but this is what I'm doing now.  Hot Summer Days, to be release in CNY.  Everyone should go see it or this will be my last film...hahaha.

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Shooting Hot Summer Days on a rainy day


I guess the news are out now.  This is the film, Hot Summer Days, I'm co-directing with Wing.  It is pouring crazy yesterday, so we move inside to shoot some special effect scene as you can see from the green backdrop.


Go see our film next year or I won't be making another film...haha....Read more

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Hot Summer Days

One more month to shoot!!!  We're going to make it.  We have 100% creative control.  This film is on me and Wing.  Looking at the footage, I really believe it's going to be special.

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How to write a Romantic Comedy?

I guess a good romantic comedy should explore the theme of gender, relationship, sexuality and morality... and of course it should be funny and romantic.  But- , if you're going that route, you'll end up with something not very original.  Think opposite-  don't think about love story if you're writing one, treat it as an action film... you might get something interesting.  Then you go back and put the romance and comedy back in it. 

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