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Going back to Japan

I finished my working contract for 1 year in HK and going back to Japan on 24.

I could have many many good experienses and spend unforgettable time with my friends.

Though my friends and colleague organized some farewell parties in this last week, I don't really feel that I leave Hong Kong. 

Anyway, I want to thank everyone in Hong Kong whom I met and Hong Kong as well.

After back to Japan, seems I am going to be busy for looking for new apartment, moving and start working again. But also, I am looking ...Read more

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菠蘿油/Pineapple bread w/ butter

It has been over 10 months here in Hong Kong, but I had never tried 菠蘿油 before.

So today, I bought it when I drop by 茶餐廳.

My supper tonight !

Cookie dough is very crispy and sweet, and bread dough is soft. Especially, ...Read more

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I am looking for a turtle.

This is it.

I saw this in shopwindow which was already closed in Central. It was really cute. I took a picture for remember and was going to check it again next time I drop by.

Then yesterday, I went to Central and tried to find the shop but I couldn't. I thought it was on Wellington St., and walked...Read more

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life in Hong Kong has started

It has been 2 weeks since moved to Hong Kong.

I was really tired in the first week of my job, but I am getting use to it.

I still can't use my Internet in my apartment.

As I could get my Hong Kong ID today, I want to make a contract of Internet soon. 


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Travel around Taiwan '09

I traveled Taiwan and it was my second time to travel around Taiwan.

I could enjoy everyday, having delicious meals, visiting historical buildings, seeing  great nature !

This time, I stayed at 台北,花蓮,緑島,高雄,台南,嘉義,阿里山.

"Dumplings" I love it

Read more

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Back to Fukuoka

I went back to Fukuoka to attend my friend's wedding ceremony.

It was so heartwarming and my friend was really really beautiful bride !

Hope thier happiness last forever !!!!!


And fortunately, I could go to 放生会 at Hakozaki shrine.

It is one of the biggest festival in Fukuoka and has a long history, over 1000years !!

soooo crowded !!!!!

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I love their songs !


They are Korean band, Nell.




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cherry blossoms

I went to see cherry blossoms in Kinuta Park last weekend.

Drinking and eating under the big cherry tree makes me comfortable.

It is very short time we can see cherry blossoms,

so I am going to enjoy it again this weekend with my friends.

Next time we are goint to make hot pot under the tree !!

I can't wait !!!

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Winter comes !

Today, I had a hot pot party with my friends

Every Winter comes, we are looking forward to make this pot called "PYENRO NABE".         This is a chinese pot dish and was introduced us in a book of Seno ...Read more

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