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Most famous South African foods

What comes in mind thinking of Africa?

Thinking of this continent leads us to something very, very distant and sometimes almost unattainable. We will today talk about the most emblematic dishes of South Africa and those flavors that distinguish this country in the African continent.

The SouthAfricancuisine:

The South African cuisine has its origins in the British food, for example, are famous steak and sausage boerewors and cooked vegetables and fries. In the coastal area, the most famous dishes are made with seafood and do not worry about your budget, compared to other destinations, in South Africa, the restaurants place fair prices for their meals.

The gastronomy:

As mentioned that the South Africa has many classic restaurants of international cuisine, but tourists who came to the World Cup were able to taste some specialties typical of a country that has many different cultures and climates. Spicy sausages, a sweet meat pie, mutton heads that smile at the starter, bread stuffed with curry and fried dough dipped in sweet syrup. Get to know the South African gastronomy.

Typical foods:

But that's not all, South African cuisine also has influences from African slaves who came from Asia, among its typical foods are the Bobotie, a dish based on minced meat with spicy sauce; Sosaties, which is a kind of meat kebab and hot sauce, and Pudín , if you want to know more about their meals, porridge lasagna, accompanied by vegetables or meat sauce are really popular. Although it is not common to find typical dishes in the restaurants if you can delight your palate with foods such as lobster, skewered glaceadas or grilled meat known as a braai.

Here some of these delicious South African dishes:

1.    Boerewors What is the national dish? Apparently the boerewors: a spicy sausage found in all the South African food stalls and online and, above all, in sporting events. "The smell of the boerewors cooking on a charcoal grill scents the atmosphere of any meeting. This is the traditional dish that is most liked by people who are either the natives or the people who visit South Africa!


It is a dish of a certain antiquity that was initially known in some places of the Cape of Good Hope since the 17th century, made with minced meat that mixes lamb and pork.

Nowadays beef or mutton is often used, although pork adds more moisture to the dish. Some recipes add chopped onions to the preparation. Traditionally, the Bobotie incorporates dried fruit such as raisins or sultanas, but always with that touch of sweet flavor. It is often decorated with nuts, chutney, and bananas. It is a kind of pork pie and lamb ground and stirred with egg, raisins, and herbs and sometimes curry. Bake and serve a warm slice accompanied by yellow rice and banana pieces. The recipe probably comes from the Dutch East India Company and its colonies in Batavia, with the name derived from the Indonesian Bobotok.


Sosatie is a traditional dish of South African cuisine based on meat (usually lamb meat) made with skewers. This comes from two words, the satee and the sauce. It is an original dish of Malay Cape cuisine, used by Afrikaans. This dish is prepared with lanb meat that is marinated in tamarind sauce. Then they are inserted on a skewer and then grilled or grilled. The most common way to serve sosaties is in a braai (or South African barbecue). Often, between the pieces of meat, mushrooms, onions of small dimensions or cut peppers are often interspersed.They are nothing more than delicious and golden brochettes on the grill, only the meat (usual lamb) is marinated in a mixture of tamarind juice, chili, garlic, curry, and onion, so after cooking they take a sweetish flavor and exquisite spicy

3.    Koeksister:

A koeksister or koeksister is a South African cuisine sweet whose name comes from the Dutch word koekje, the diminutive of koek which means "bun". The Koeksister is a sweet from South Africa coated with syrup and has a mass very similar to that of a donut in a kind of braid. It is prepared by frying dough in boiling oil to later cover it with sugar syrup.

Koeksisters are preferably eaten cold and are very sticky and sweet. That is, it is a type of boiled bun, like the mass of a donut, which is made in the form of a braid and once fried, covered with sweet syrup, being a sticky, cloying and deliciously irresistible food.

4.    Braai:

Braai (pronounced "brai") is in Afrikaans the denomination of "barbecue" or "barbecue" and is very associated with social customs in South Africa.

Its origin is mainly associated with Afrikaner ethnic groups. The alternative denomination of this culinary technique is vleis that in Afrikaans means "meat", likewise braaivleis means "roast meat".

Every year, since 2005, the "National Braai Day" (National Braai Day) has been celebrated in South Africa, corresponding to the 24th of September (Heritage Day). Above the embers, you can see pieces of what were cattle, pigs, fish, thanks to which the South Africans give a feast like no other.

5.    Vetkoek: This donut type dumpling is an Afrikaner heritage, a Germanic group that settled in South Africa and Namibia, having a language derived from Dutch and Calvinist religion. This dish is made with fried dough, which can be filled with minced meat or jam and honey, depending if you want food or dessert. Vetkoek is a traditional Afrikaner pie.

It consists of a dough fried in boiling oil and stuffed inside of minced beef, sometimes made with jam, syrup or honey. It is always served hot. And depending on the occasion it is salty or sweet.

6.    Sambal:

It is a condiment made with several types of peppers and peppers, which can be made the light version or extra spicy version, depending on the palate of the diners. It can be done at home or bought already made in supermarkets.

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