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The Merriweather Deer

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Have no fear! We are The Merriweather Deer!

Hi all!  We are The Merriweather Deer! 

Next (and last for a while) show - Opening act for THE FLAMING LIPS and the Raveonettes

Our EP titled "Archives" will be available very soon


Short bio Below...

The Merriweather Deer is a product of unoccupied time and access to the technology of home studio-recording these days. Birthed by guitarist - Ephraim Bano (The lovesong/ whence he came), he started writing songs in 2006 and sent them to his friend and keyboardist, Gideon So (Noughts and Exes) as a side project. Hoping that someday the songs would face the light of day and be performed live, he recently enlisted good friends – Lee Yat Ding (The Lovesong/Take Bad from the Good), Don Cruz (Audiotraffic) and Glenn Bogador (Shepherd the Weak/Audiotraffic), who all happened to be familiar faces in the HK music scene circuit to join in the ride.

Drawing heavy influences from the timeless sounds of groups such as: The Smiths, U2 and The Beatles, to more recent bands like Broken Social Scene, Interpol, M83, etc – they shape melody based, guitar driven songs that are accessible to any listener.

The Merriweather Deer consists of: Ephraim Bano - vocals/guitar, Gideon So - keys/melodica, Don Cruz – guitar, Glenn Bogador – bass and Lee Yat Ding - drums.

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Raffi says :
that's pretty kickass you get to open a big international show!
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The Merriweather Deer

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