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myspace is like sooo, like 10 years ago...we just started a #reverbnation page. go on and harass it! http://t.co/gLx2a2RE

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Posted a new song: "Mobility (demo 2012)" http://t.co/KCsG37Ou #music

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Posted a new song: "Good Enough (demo 2012)" http://t.co/OUF1mw9T #music

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Added a new video: "Keep it to a minimal live @ rockschool, Hong Kong" http://t.co/RTNOGV69 #video

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Yes, we're still breathing! Here's some new demo tracks we've been working on lately http://t.co/huJfyN7X http://t.co/kacbnQng

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our song "different light" on Nikon's D7000 ad campaign. three cheers to nikon! http://bit.ly/eRP731

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Archives EP available @ white noise records and on their online store for those outside the region. http://bit.ly/eSFBVr

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full tracks of Archives EP on myspace. Go nuts, donuts! http://www.myspace.com/themerriweatherdeer

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check out soho fair this wkend, table 10 staunton st...Daffodulip bags will also be selling Archives EP...Daffodulip rocks, nuff said

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thank you everyone who came early to the flaming lips show. here's to those who missed it. http://bit.ly/9fQx2C ps: Archives EP is out!

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November 6, 2010

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