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Legendary singer Tsin Ting comes a-visiting

Recently, my friend Tsin Ting chose the resort island of Penang for her Christmas holidays. Despite the heat, she had a wonderful time sampling the delicious local food and taking in the sights. I have not met her since her Hong Kong concert in Nov 2007 so it was good to see her again and I must say, she's looking great! It's good to...Read more

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In Loving memory Of Angela Yu Chien

Today, I remember Angela Yu Chien, the Shaw actress who out-acted Lin Dai, Pat Ting Hung and Kwan Shan in Blue And Black and went on to win a best supporting actress award for her role.

She started off her Shaw career with this sweet image but somewhere along the way, she was groomed as a sexpot and became typecast.

R.I P Angela.......you will never be forgotten!

Here are 2 diverse images of Angela. The colour photo is from a controversial scene in Death Valley courtesy of Celestial Pictures.Read more

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R.I.P Wang Yu

Today I am saddened by news of the death of Wang Yu, one of my favourite actors from Shaw Studio. He was born in 1955 which makes him only 53 years old when he passed away on 16 May 2008. In 2006, before undergoing a brain operation, he made a will and told reporters that they can open and publish the contents of the will if he does not survive the operation....Read more

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4 Encounters With An Asian Movie Queen

Since I first saw her as scholar Liang Shan Po in The Love Eterne, I have always wanted to meet Asian Movie Queen Ivy Ling Po. Through the years, she has remained my favourite Chinese actress irrespective of the fact that her last movie was 1987's Golden Swallow.

I am glad to say that so far, I have managed to meet the living legend that director Kenneth Bi calls "mum" 4 times. Hopefully I will manage another meeting in the near future.Read more

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My blog has been launched

Welcome to my newly created profile! I hope you come back and check frequently. I'll be posting some fresh and interesting things to share with you. Feel free to bookmark this profile and recommend it to your friends. Let's all share together! 我的個人空間開通了,歡迎你時常過來做客,大家多多交流哦。我會把一些新鮮有趣的東西記錄下來一塊與你分享。也希望你記住我的地址,你可以把她添加到你的收藏夾,也可以把她複製下來告訴你的朋友們。讓大家一起分享吧。

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