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  • What is TOGAF and what are the values of TOGAF Certification?

    Tuesday, Jan 8, 2013 9:28PM / Press Release / Members only

    TOGAF is the abbreviated form of The Open Group Architecture Framework which provides a comprehensive approach for designing, planning, governing and implementing an enterprise’s information architecture. TOGAF is designed at four levels and they are business, application, data and technology. TOGAF is designed and developed by the Open Group. In the year 1995, the first version of TOGAF was presented that was based on the TAFIM which is nothing but the abbreviated form for Technical Architectural Framework for Information Management. Later the subsequent versions like TOGAF 7 was published in 2001 and TOGAF 8.1 was published in 2003. Then later, its updated version TOGAF 8.1.1 was published in November 2006 and finally the current and the latest version of TOGAF which is the TOGAF 9.1 was launched on December 2011. As described earlier, TOGAF is based on four interrelated domains such as Business, Application, Data and Technology. TOGAF is an industry standard architecture framework that may be used freely by any organization which is wishing to develop information systems architecture to be used within the organization. The TOGAF certification program enables architecture service providers and tools to demonstrate that their products and services support the enterprise architect. The TOGAF certification program is available for individuals, trainers, training, professional services and tool support. Once you are TOGAF certified then the certification automatically portrays you as the person who is well aware of industry standard framework and methodology for enterprise architecture.

    This TOGAF certification program enables an organisation to standardize an open method for IT architecture. Customers can base their IT architecture on an open and industry standard method that works well with all major frameworks. There are two different routes to become a TOGAF certified. One is directly taking up the certification exam and the second one is taking up the TOGAF certification course which does not need an exam and automatically you are credited with the TOGAF certification. TOGAF certification gives an insight into enterprise architecture and also gives you an opportunity to start your career as an enterprise architect. TOGAF enables IT architects to design, evaluate and build the right architecture for their organization there by reducing the costs of planning, designing and implementing architectures based on open systems solution. The key to TOGAF is that it remains to be a reliable and practical method known as the TOGAF architecture development method which is used to define business needs and at the same time develop an architecture that meets those needs. There are already a number of enterprise architecture frameworks available and is also widely known across the globe where as the main highlight of TOGAF is that, TOGAF is the only open standard method for developing an enterprise architecture. TOGAF is developed in such a way that it proves to be as a vehicle and repository for practical experience based information on how to go about the process of enterprise architecture, providing an open method with specific sets of deliverables, specific reference models and other relevant architecture can be integrated. 

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