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Back in Shatin...

No more dog climbing to me and licking my face in the morning.  No more beer drinking outside the nice patio.  I'm back in my uncle's place in Shatin for now.  Anyway, didn't do much today except heading out for a buffet lunch with my dad's elder sister and her husband (yes, that's my uncle and aunt).  Then head back to Tai Po and packed up, so here I am in Shatin. 

Will update on tomorrow's happenings.  I really reek of sweat right now.  I need a shower.

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Back from Disneyland!

Went out to Hong Kong Disneyland with family today and it's not as bad as people say it was back when it first opened.  (Remember Daniel Wu's rant about their terrible service a few years ago?)  The rides may not be as intense as the ones in Canada's Wonderland but they were still entertaining.  I particularly enjoyed Space Mountain.  It was like a ride/light show.  Then of course, there is Mickey's Philhar-magic which is a 3D musical medley of other famous songs from Disney's animated classics.  Thank god Mickey did...Read more

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miss my usual drinking buddies...

despite the convenience of cheap beer in 7-11, it's just not the same without a drinking buddy.  i can't wait to go back to toronto... 25 remaining days feels like an eternity.


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In Love with the Dead / 塚愛

Just came back from UA Shatin theatre not too long ago and watched Danny Pang's "In Love with the Dead".  Having intentionally skipped all news articles related to the film, I knew I would enjoy the film a little more.  And right, I was.  I did enjoy it.  Despite starring Shaun Yu and ex-Cookies member Stephy Tang, I'd have to confirm with y'all that nobody really overacts like actors usually do in TVB dramas.  In fact, Shaun Yu did a splendid job in his role as the boyfriend of a cancer patient stuck between ...Read more

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Managed to go to several places I've never gone before.


First, I went to a restaurant in Tsim Sha Tsui East with a magnificent view of the sea.  Ate with family from my father's side.  I even see that my cousin's wife is very pregnant.  She's expecting her 2nd child (rumoured to be a boy this time).  After the lunch, my uncle dropped me off to the Joy Sales office so I could, at least, get some of my money or grab some of the work material I'm going to need (specifically a screener copy of "...Read more

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please...no more delays...

Saturday proved to be a disappointment.  I had a meeting with my boss and he postponed my payment...again...  It was originally going to be for yesterday but I was pretty occupied for Sunday.  Then, there was today...Monday...no can do because he's gone to Mainland China and I was supposed to go to Macau but it cancelled out due to my uncle getting an injury from taekwokdo practice.  So, the earliest is Tuesday.  I'm in need of money and I need their help by providing me a screener copy of "Black Cat" (1 and 2) so...Read more

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roffle mao~!

I saw Yuen King-Dan in Jordan Rd tonight.  lol!


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random food for thought...



It's been close to a week since I came down to Hong K...Read more

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tired out...time to move again...

After that sour experience at Shum Sui Po 2 nights ago, I decided to do absolutely nothing yesterday so I can rest up and do a bit of work for Joy Sales.  I talked to the guy who ditched me at Dragon Centre 2 nights ago and he explained that his cell phone broke.  I accepted his excuse.  Couldn't bother with letting the argument escalate.  Whatever.  Lesson learned.  And thanks for the tip on the mopiko...I actually kinda answered my own question when I thought of a Hong Kong style Shoppers Drug Mart.  I still don't ...Read more

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where to buy...

obviously, i am pretty bad at finding things for the last few days.  but i really need to find this on an emergency.  i need to know where to get an AC adapter for my Nintendo DS and a "mopiko" bar.  cuz i just woke up with mosquito bites. 

anyone know?



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