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Subtitling Leah Dizon...

...is a total nightmare!!!

Worked on it for 4 hours and I notice she says "like" and "y'know" alot.  On a unrelated note, I saw a familiar face on this specific video.  I had to check her AnD profile for her Chinese name in case the Hong Kong translators need it but anyway...

i have to go back to the office tomorrow and finish the damned thing...


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work is tough...

I've been here in Hong Kong for about 3 weeks now. 

Never realized how my workload is so stuffed over at Joy Sales especially when I'm in town.  I have to go to work at the office tomorrow to type the English subs for the upcoming Hong Kong release of a video featuring the one and only Leah Dizon (yum~!).

Yeah!  Just as I've titled this blog entry.

Work is tough even when I can get a good view.

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Blog: Thursday, Dec 13



I had to calm down before writing this because this film left me pretty emotional.  Just like "Lust, Caution", it didn't leave me with a happy feeling.  In fact, it left me really depressed.  Director Peter Chan Hor-Sun made this movie just right.  An epic tragedy in huge proportions, from begi...Read more

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Few days ago, I had lunch with my uncle (my mom's younger brother) and my grandmother (mom's mom).  I was eating, all fine and dandy.  Then, my grandma just asked me this awkward question.  "How did you father die?".  I'm like pausin' here and at the same time, I don't really want to answer the question.  In fact, I almost lost my appetite here.  I simply said I don't know.  I let it go...whatever...

Last night, some guests arrived.  I don't know these people but they're friends of m...Read more

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crossin' my fingers...

Hopin' they better pay me by tomorrow!

It's long overdue!

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birthday blog...

Sad birthday to me...Sad birthday to me...

Sad birthday to Gary...

Sad birthday to me...

Thanks for the birthday greetings, y'all!

But the fact is, I got no one to chill with in Hong Kong.  And all my friends in Hong Kong are too busy to see me.  I don't really wanna add more anxiety into their newly adjusted lives in Hong Kong.  So I guess I'm gonna drink my miseries away.  (Only $9.50 for 2 cans of Lowenbrau at Wellcome!)




你們祝我生日的句子﹐小弟...Read more

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Street Fighter 4


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good deals at its best.

Went down to the arcades at the mall where UA Shatin theatre is and bought myself a brand spanking new Initial D 4 game card.  I know for a fact that in Toronto, it costs over $5 for the same game card.  That's $37.50 HKD.  In Hong Kong, it's $27 HKD.  Now let's calculate that into Canadian dollars, shall we?  That's $3.46.  I save over $10.50 HKD and $1.54 Canadian. 

Awesome deal, it is!

It sucks that Initial D 4 is only available at lovegetty (across Times Square) and Playdium (Missisauga location). ...Read more

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Back from the AnD office!

Met up with peachey today, had some dimsum and went out to AnD's offices just to give a friendly greeting to the dudes in there.  Then as recommended by Stephen, Mark, Pat and the others, we went out to this art exhibit filled lots of nudity.  My perverted friend from Beijing would love it but I can't guarantee the exhibit to remain clean if he goes there.  And sorry, rottendoubt, they won't let us take pictures.

I'll upload the pics later!

今天跟peachey會面﹐和她吃點心然後落去本站的寫字樓和本站的工作人員打個招呼。然後我們照Stephen, Mark, ...Read more

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