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Awkward moments

A quick little dialogue between me and a certain gimcrack that happened last year..

Let me help you picture the situation.  It was late, somewhere around 11pm or so.  I'm walking outside of my house to get to my friend's car in the next few blocks.  I have only 1 cigarette left and I had to share it with my friend.  Anyway, this is how the conversation went.

Gimcrack:  I'm a changed man.  I won't ever go to those massage parlors again.

Me:  Oh yeah?  That's great.  What made you decide the change?Read more

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Will any Singaporeans or Malaysians translate for this translator?

I've been listening to my grandfather blare out those words for my entire life.  I still do not know what it means but even then, I still say it.  I know that my grandfather would often make business trips to Singapore and Malaysia when he was producing vinyl records for Cantonese opera and even movies.  Therefore, I concluded that his patented favorite saying comes from Singapore or Malaysia.  Phonetically, it sounds like this.


So, a...Read more

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shiver brrrrrrrrrr....

I just made the most disgusting dinner for myself...EVER!!!!!!!!

First, I made rice as usual.  Then, I started making bacon and because there's not much for me to make in the fridge, I made lots of bacon.  I think roughly around 8-10 of 'em.  Microwaved some roasted duck from yesterday.  And finally, some head lettuce.  Normally, I'd make an egg sunny side up but there's only 1 egg left and I've gotten tired of eggs these days so I nixed the egg.  My mom taught me to clean the lettuce first, then b...Read more

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What's in a name?

I don't know how many of you have pointed this out but why do alot of Hong Kong girls have the most random Westernized names?  What baffles me alot is how they love using Japanese names when they're not even of Japanese heritage.  Let me list a few examples.

  • Miki

  • Yumiko

  • Yuki

  • Yuko

Well, you get the point here!  Then, there are the other strange names.  They name themselves after edible food even though "Apple" is a common one that is use...Read more

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For RenRen

Not that I wanted to post this but RenRen requested it.

So here goes...

Damnation goes out to andryou for making this abomination.

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Apparation sightings in Toronto?!


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In the year 2008...In the year 2008....

I predict Michael Wong will join AnD and will start blogging here...

I also predict Sam Lee will join.  Of course, I've always been predicting for Sam Lee to join AnD.  

Last year, I've spontaneously predicted Collin Chou will join by posting an old interview that I've conducted with him back in 2003.  Then, lo and behold, he actually did join AnD a few weeks later.  Is there a moral to this blog entry?  Absolutely not!  Except that it's not easy being a psychic.

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Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o3lCF8O2N50

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Those KFCC bastards!!!

I think about a year ago, I met up with a friend of mine from Chicago that I knew from another message forum at www.kfccinema.com

Took a photo with the guy, showed it to the forum and the bastards made a ton of photoshop movie posters.  This is one of them.

Laugh all you want!  At least, I'm man enough to show my own embarra...Read more

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