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I found CJ7!!! 我找到七仔啦﹗

I had a long voice chat throughout the day with charlynlim89, jontse, pukupuku, and Pedro Chaves through skype.  I didn't expect to be chatting until 2:20pm (Toronto eastern standard time).  As soon as the chat was finished, I decided to head out for a stroll on Cummer Avenue.  As I was walking along Cummer, I found something on the ground laying on someone's driveway.  It was a cute little CJ7 doll.  I decided to pick it up and keep the cute little thing.  Now, ain't that just my luck?

今天我跟charlynlim89, jontse, pu...Read more

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Motherfuckers!!! (Warning: content not for the faint of heart)

ok time for a little update, remember i told you about the lovestick enlarger pills that mike and his brother have been taking fromhttp://www.wokig.comthat completly changed their lives, well at least made them into the talk of the town with all the girls around, not to mention 3 of my friends who actually dated them in the past few weeks and can't stop talking. well, heres an update, andrew heard about the pills and he too has been taking...Read more

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When tolerance goes to zero... / 當容忍限度到零時

It's been over a month and a half since I've ignored a certain gimcrack friend of mine over the chicken wing feud (long story...i'll explain that one later).  This guy is truly an idiot.  I've spoken about him several times in my blog over the past year.  But I think that at one point in time, this one really puts the frosting on the cake.  Just a few years ago, I was walking with him in Pacific Mall and he wanted to buy some movies.  So we went into the bootleg store and he was picking up a copy of &...Read more

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For Will..

Went to a pool hall last night and did this....

It's in the boys washroom at The Rails Pool Hall in Woodbine and Denison Rd.  More to come!

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Leah Dizon DVD now out in Hong Kong

Heh...I didn't expect this to come out so quickly.  It wasn't too long ago when i had to work on this particular DVD for Joy Sales in Hong Kong.  I had to be in their office and type out everything being said in English so it'll be easier for the translators to work on the Chinese translations.  There are no English subs on this DVD but since the program itself is already in English, there isn't any need for it.  By the way, AnD's Lianne Lin is featured in this DVD as well.  And MADEinHK, if you're ...Read more

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Crisis... // 災難

I'm out of cigarettes and it is too cold to walk out to the store.

I'm saving my last can of Boddington's in case of a real emergency.



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First time getting drunk... // 第一次灌醉

I wanted to bring this up in a blog entry one day and decided that maybe it's time to keep it in a written to share with y'all.  My first time getting pissed drunk. 

Wow!  I remember this happened back in high school.  Probably around 1998 or 1999.  I sat with a friend of mine and we talked for a bit.  He looked kinda down and told me that he's worried cuz he had sex with his ex-girlfriend and she is telling him that she is pregnant.  So as I was saying, I sat, talked and drank a bottle of Pepsi with ...Read more

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The most pointless blog entry ever

I had a dream.

In fact, I had a dream and I discussed about it with pongza just the other day.  We was all turned into wild animals.  RenRen was like a lion or something, pongza was a toucan, rottendoubt was like a zebra, narom was an hippo, boon was a gorilla, peachey was a cougar (lol!), and i was a either a panda or a bear.  Yes, I know this is completely random but at least, I had the courtesy to make an entry. 

My 2nd cartoon conspiracy theory entry is saved as a draft right now and is still incomplete...Read more

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