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went to bar code tonight and there was someone who came that me and pretty much everyone didn't like, came along as well.  anyway, we had a talk for a while and somehow the conversation went straight back to the arguments we had with this gimcrack months ago.  if some of you remember, this is in regards to the recent car accident that happened back in march.  anyway, this gimcrack did alot of things that angered alot of people including me.  i remember back in early april, i tried to reason with him but he just wouldn't listen so i got fed ...Read more

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The Simpsons

Ok!  So i was a little surprised to hear that Fox announced an all-star cast for a hong kong cantonese dub of the upcoming Simpsons movie when it's released in hong kong.  i even had my fingers crossed for Ng Man-Tat to be picked for being the cantonese dub voice of Homer because let's face it...Ng Man-Tat has played that kind of role for many years.  He's a shoo-in for Homer!  However, I was slightly disappointed when i read a partially official voice cast listing for the cantonese dub of the simpsons movie


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saying the wrong things at the wrong time. 不適當時候說出不適當說話




我(在說第一句的時候)﹕即停 喂﹖世伯呀﹖忍笑 請問你個仔0系唔0系度呀﹖





雖然場面尷尬﹐但總算很經典﹗ 哈哈﹗

The following is an excerpt of a conversation between me, my friend and my other friend's dad.  Basically, something (which ...Read more

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finally free...for the day! 終於自由了。。。一天而已。。。

除了花差不多兩個星期時間做電影<呷醋小丈夫>之外﹐我剛剛交了另一套港產片中的經典<中國最後一個太監>的從新翻譯稿給香港。現在見不到香港同事上網﹐又無預早叫同給另一套電影來做。既是如此﹐我可以話我暫時得閒。自由了啦﹗終於可以看DVD啦﹗還要爆啦叭0個隻﹗我還打算明天打機。可以安心0甘打幾鋪NARUTO﹕NARUTIMATE ACCEL。

Besides spending a couple of weeks re-working on english subtitles for an old hong kong film called "Goodbye Darling" (starring Cherie Chung as the wife), i've just submitted my re-worked english subs for a hong kong classic entitled "Laishi, the last emperor of china" (starring Max Mok and Andy Lau in an...Read more

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blogging just for the hell of it.

i have nothing constructive to say.

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query about hong kong girls...





Last night, I was chillin' with an old friend of mine from Hong Kong and browsing through another friend's facebook friend list.  We immediately asked ourselves after looking through the list:  Why do all (if not, most) girls from Hong Kong always posing in front of the camera, doing the exact same thing?  Like givin...Read more

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latest news on Joy Sales dvd 樂貿DVD最新消息

taking a break from my work on my latest Fortune Star project and translating for the latest new release from director Wong Jing.  it's a movie called "Lady Iron Chef" starring Charmaine Sheh and Hacken Lee.  i haven't seen the film nor do i know what it's about.  all i know is, i'm translating the deleted scenes right now.


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Official first post/第一個正式鋪鼠

yo!  wuddup, everybody?

this is Gary Lau or better known as Tin-Lun Lau.  long time user at this board, and i ain't a fanboy or anything.  everyone should be well aware that i oppose fanboyism and that Andy Lau incident is further proof to my point.  but anyways, yes, i do contribute a bit for the hong kong film industry.  yes, i do translate from chinese to english and yes, i have helped out on the hong kong dvd release of "Rob-B-Hood". 

any further questions?  just feel free to ask.

otherwi...Read more

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aka Gary Lau The contents in my blog may contain coarse language. Viewer discretion may be deemed redundant. Fellow PS3 players, fight me online! I ch

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