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After having to deal with my mom who just had an operation on her foot, I finally get to go to the Scotiabank Theatre in downtown toronto and watch the movie i've been waiting for ever since I was a wee little toddler.  TRANSFORMERS!!!  i simply can't wait.  in fact, i'll be on my way in an hour or so.

other than that, i'm kinda slowing down on my job.  doing a 2nd project for Diskotek Media and it's a bit of a lightcore porn called "The Chinese Torture Chamber".  it's so weird to see all thes...Read more

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TGIF 星期五啦﹗謝天謝地﹗


Even though I have nothing to expect for the weekend but I will be able to watch "Transformers" next week.  I look forward to seeing this movie!  I can finally witness my childhood hero, Optimus Prime on the big screen!  Can't wait!  Can't miss it!

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I've been googled! lol!

Yesterday, my cousin in another Canadian province msg'd me on MSN asking me about the Yumiko clip.  I eventually found out that he found my post on google.  Tonight, I went drinking with my friends and one of them pointed out that he had also found my post on google.  Truthfully, I am indebted to Emperor Motion Pictures to give me that job opportunity 2 years ago and feel somewhat ashamed to post my opinions on the Yumiko slip incident in this kind of manner.  So I have decided to delete that previous post just to prevent an ...Read more

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Yumiko strikes again


but discuss it anyway

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野蠻死仆街! / Whiny bitches!


So I was in downtown Toronto for 18 and a half hours, waiting for a friend so he can get a ticket to buy his condo.  I came back completely exhausted.  What ticks me off when the organizers told people to step back, people just don't listen and talking smack.  What the hell about me?  I've butted in by over 40 people and I didn't even complain because I couldn't complain when people hogg...Read more

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camping out in downtown

yeah....so i'm doing a favor for a former co-worker of mine and i'll be in downtown 2 days straight to line up for a condo.  condo's not for me and the guy who's gonna buy it, is too busy to do the lining up.

so i'll be quite inactive for 2 days.  it's gonna be a long struggle to survive without the internet.  sigh....why did i agree to do this?

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The Ebola Syndrome (US version) / 伊波拉病毒 (美版)

Yes!  It is finally coming out this month.  This DVD sounds like a winner compared to its DVD release in Hong Kong which was pretty much barebones.  This new American DVD release features an all-new audio commentary by director Herman Yau and Anthony Wong, new interviews, and never-before-seen deleted scenes.  It also features a newly updated translation of the original Cantonese dialogue done by yours truly  .   Which also brings me to the reason why I am giving it a me...Read more

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世界末日 / End of the world



I just had a nightmare this morning.  I dreamt that the end of the world is coming.  A huge storm is brewing outside and the world remains helpless, waiting for death.  Even though I tend to quickly forget my dreams once I wake up, I try to write it down on paper as soon as I can (and before I forget it).  The nightmare hasn't ended yet because I woke up during my dream.

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damned forwarded surveys...

Fantabulous Friday Meme - tagged by peachey

1) What is the most fantabulous thing that has happened this week?

    - Playing the new Dragon Ball Z game for the NDS.

2) When you are feeling kind down, what do you do to make yourself feel fantabulous?

    - Well, I watch a video and do something..something...haha!  if you fell for that one, you should be ashamed of yourself.  i play video games to make myself feel better.

3)  If you could change one thing about your life that would make you fe...Read more

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加勒比海盜 : 魔盜王終極之戰 / Pirates of the Carribean: At World's End


I went out with some friends to watch "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End" last night.  Due to my being in Toronto, subtitles were not provided during the theatrical showing of the film.  I'm initially a CBC (Canadian born Chinese).  Therefore, English is no obstacle for m...Read more

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