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Main Entry: Ne·an·der·thal

Pronunciation: \nē- ˈan-dər- ˌt ȯl, - ˌth ȯl; nā- ˈän-dər- ˌtäl\

Function: noun

Etymology: Neanderthal, valley in western Germany

Date: 1863

1 or Ne·an·der·tal

- ˌt ȯl, - ˌtäl\ : a hominid ( Homo neanderthalensis syn H. sapiens neanderthalensis) known from skeletal remains in Europe, northern Africa, and western Asia that lived from about 30,000 to 200,000 years ago —called also Neanderthal man...Read more

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The bet is on!!!

So my friend claims he will sign the waiver form and eat the Armaggeddon wings at All-Star Wings.  I say he will not survive those wings based on statistics.  Many who have tried those wings have had a problem with digesting those wings as they are extremely spicy.  (Hence, a waiver form had to be filled before ordering them.)  The thing is, you have to finish it in 30 minutes and your name will be marked in the hall of fame (at the bar).  As I have said repeatedly, he will not be able to survive those wings on time.  And this infuriated my ...Read more

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Racist white people

Don't get the wrong idea.  I'm not hating on white people.  I'm just hating on the white people who make white people look bad.  I suppose the same would apply for people of all races who act the same.  Just this afternoon as I was getting off from work, I was walking to the shuttle van as I do everyday.  There is always a group of biking couriers sitting by the same corner outside the TIm Horton's coffee shop chatting away.  I passed by the area today and this Caucasian slob staring straight at me to say out loud "I ...Read more

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Shop or die!!!

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VdUXy7YopXk&feature=player_embedded

For those who are proficient in the Cantonese language, this is a news article about a certain tour guide in Hong Kong.  This bitch is literally scolding her tourists for not shopping enough.  She also threatened that she will lock up all the hotel rooms if they do not meet their shopping quota.  And instead of taking the tourists to the Wong Tai Sin Temple as or...Read more

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I know 3-8 boy will not be reading my alivenotdead blog so that is why I am posting about it here.

Yes, I just bought The Storm Warriors on bluray disc today.

You will not be borrowing it from me today.

Suck it, bitch!


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adidas Original Quiz

I just took the Originality quiz, take a look at my results!
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<...Read more
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cranky old men

Had work today as usual.  I was going to make my last batch of deliveries until I was interrupted with a call telling me to pick up a couple of cheques from this lawyer's office.  Something went wrong with the cheque and they had to get it back.  I don't really know the details and to be honest, I don't really care.  I just care about carrying out my duties.  Well, I arrived at his office and told the secretary that I came to pick up a document.  The old man was notified and was blaring out at me.  I was told to wait for the lady i...Read more

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Lawyers....pffffffffft... // 律師﹖﹗我痞﹗

While I was at work the other day, the lady responsible for paying me abruptly asks if I smoked.  I said I do.  Then she pointed out that she is sensitive to cigarette and perfume smell.  And I told her that I'm not too fond of perfume smell either but I don't exactly go out and point that out to people.  That would be rude.  I let it go so whatever.  The next day, my supervisor talks to me and asks about my smoking habit.  Apparently, the boss frickin' ratted out on me.  I was then warned about how meddlesome...Read more

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facebook group:  http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=33576460649 official site: http://www.savecarolyn.com

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Nice try!

Despite contrary belief, I still have not seen "The Forbidden Kingdom" yet.  Besides, I do not write shallow movie reviews like that even if I did.  I know some of you are watching so I will be as direct about this matter in my blog.  In other words, go fuck yourselves.

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