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half of summer's gone?! wtf?! / 半個暑假就0甘過0左去﹗點搞﹖﹗

July has come and gone (or going...it's still the 30th as I'm typing this) and yet, it hasn't even felt like a summer so far.  The weather in Toronto wasn't so hot nor has it felt any colder and yet, you look at the calendar to realize that it's July 30th.  I haven't even gone clubbing yet (something I've done in the last 3-4 summers).  This is such a downer...

今年七月話0甘快就成過去啦 (或者話係過梗去更加貼切。現在還是7月30日。) 但至無過往0個種夏天感覺。多倫多呢邊0既天氣又唔係特別熱亦唔係特別凍。翻開月歷先發覺原來今日已經七月30日。我到現時都未落去CLUBBING ...Read more

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damned dreams... // 該死的夢境


Contrary to Rennie's recent blog post about dreams, I had a dream of my own that left me waking up with a laughter...literally.  I guess it was a result of my reminiscing the happy days from last year when I worked at a bar and what happened was, I was sitting down with my co-workers and her friends.  So basica...Read more

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I saw a weird vision tonight...

Wow!  What a day...

I saw a huge crowd of cops surrounding a local Tim Horton's today.  They're either making an arrest or lining up for donuts.  I think it's a bit of both.

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Ebola Syndrome (US DVD) finally release! / 美版<伊波拉病毒>DVD出街啦﹗

Apparently, some people have already bought the American DVD release of "Ebola Syndrome" and reviews of the disc is pretty positive.  I admit, the pacing was a little odd than what I'm more accustomed to since I only had a copy of the HK dvd to work with but it was fun being able to let out the vulgarity in me for this.  Here's a couple of sites in reference to the new DVD release of this classic gorefest.

Screencaps (extremely gory, not safe for work)

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when too many questions are asked.

yeah...here's a chatlog.

Nose-Picking Transvestite says:  hey man

Nose-Picking Transvestite says: sup?

  tin - friday night...tea party with 3 year old...awesome! says:  nuttin' much

at this point, i was away from the keyboard to watch reruns of The Simpsons

Nose-Picking Transvestite says:  did you ever manage to find out the 'mystery' film?

Nose-Picking Transvestite says: muldoon isn't saying anything, and I'm really wanting to know

No...Read more

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Autobot - Jazz / 博派戰士 - 爵士

So I went to Wal-Mart to shop for a tricycle for my friend's little 3 year old nephew.  Although they didn't get the tricycle they wanted yet, I decided to buy the kid a toy.  He originally wanted a Transformers toy but did dropped the toy for Thomas The Tank Engine instead.  Then, I got a little itchy and decided to buy a toy for myself.  I haven't picked up a Transformers toy for more than a decade and seeing the movie toys on the shelves, I just couldn't resist.  I bought Jazz (from the movie).  I've decided ...Read more

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每當爆粗時之二﹕以衣服代用 / When I Want to Cuss (Part 2): Clothing Substitute



Back in the 80s, a Hong Kong film suggested the substitution of swearing with fruits but if you use that nowadays, it just doesn't sound right.  That's why I devised another alternative with a friend of mine.  I think it sounds much more better!  Let's say you're greeting someone's mother.  You might as well gree...Read more

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the thing about hong kong people and spoilers

This might sound a little discriminating but Hong Kong people annoy me.  They don't annoy me through bad hygiene, bad manners or anything like that.  It's nothing of that sort but the fact that they just love giving out spoilers to movies and tv series.  Sure, it may be different if artists themselves are spoiling something when discussing about a sequel to their works but when you're Donnie Yen giving out the most obvious hints about the ending to a movie like "Dragon Tiger Gate" (especiall...Read more

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when you want to cuss out loud... / 每當爆粗時。。




11a.m.  I'm sleeping.  Someone knocks.  Non-stop.

I answer the door.  A troublesome bitch sits on the entrance.  I tell her to come in.  And she's stupid enough to remain sitting on the chair.  I already don't like to get waken up like this and she still wants to attract the damned flies into the house.  And now, she's chatting with my mom.  It's so damn...Read more

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fly in my mouth

I was on my way to work earlier tonight and a fly flew into my mouth.

I practically choked myself trying to spit it out.  worst thing that can happen before work.


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