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back to the torture chamber...

After taking a few weeks hiatus of catching up to Fortune Star's releases, I think it's time I get back to finishing my project with Diskotek Media (especially since they pay much faster).  In other words, back to that chinese torture chamber which I can't just bear to finish.

sigh....can't wait to finish it.

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the worse karaoke experience in my life

I'll keep this post short and precise to the point so you can see what I'm pissed about.

  • I only had one Corona for the entire night.

  • Food and birthday cake was not distributed to my table even though we are there for the same party. (that's not the fault of the bar but rather, my friends)

  • I paid $70 ($40 for myself and spotted $30 for someone i owed money to) for the entire night and they still demanded more because people from the next room came in and took ...Read more

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Rush Hour 3 / 火拼時速 3

So this is the first time I watched a movie in the theatre since "Transformers" (beginning of July) and I managed to see Brett Ratner's new movie "Rush Hour 3" starring Chris Tucker and last but not least, the man who gave me a chance at a job Jackie Chan!  Funny thing is, my friend told me that he had passes for a free screening.  Apparently he was wrong.  I knew from the minute he told me that we're going to watch at the Cineplex Odeon theatre at Warden & Eglinton, our "free passes" is actually...Read more

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damn musical dreams...

They come very frequently.  I usually hum some random tunes before I sleep and I would suddenly lose control of my body and I hear loud music banging in my head.  They always tend to sound like pop music but it's nothing I've ever heard of before.  I feel what's going on outside but I can't move my body and I would twitch like crazy.  Then I would wake up afterwards and realize that it happened within a mere 10-15 minutes.  The most recent incident had me panting heavily as I woke up.  I heard people call this "sle...Read more

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Ghost Rider Region 3 DVD review

Movie wasn't all that great but this isn't the point of the blog.

The main focus in this entry are my views on the DVD presentation itself.  I don't have that HDTV to enjoy the crisp and pristine video quality.  Although it looks dandy on my 19" inch CRT monitor (it's gotta be Samsung Syncmaster, baby!  yeah!), it still looks very sharp and clean.  Not a bad print at all.  The audio is where the DVD excels.  Presented in English Dolby Digital 5.1, DTS (half-bitrate) and Thai Dolby 5.1, I initially ...Read more

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back from karaoke

just back from my long awaited karaoke session...

excuse the bad quality.  i only recorded this through my digital camera. 

(note:  i didn't drink any alcohol so i didn't do any vocal impersonations for the entire night.)

here's me singing <愛我別走>


and this is my rendition of Jay Chou's new song <不能說的秘密>

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輪到我啦。。。終於都輪到我啦﹗// It's my turn...MY TURN HAS FINALLY COME!!!




The one thing I've anticipated all summer long has finally arrived.  The only thing I haven't done in the last 4-5 months will finally be resolved.  Technically speaking, I'm there for my friend's birthday party but I don't care much about that.  But the most important thing of all is the fact that....

I CAN FINALLY SING...............KARAOKE!...Read more

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贏大錢。。。未輪到我 / win big money...not my turn yet!



Just came back from the CNE Charity Casino.  Even though I lost over $55 Canadian dollars but at least, I've won $30 back on the black jack table.  Not much of a big loss.  Thank god!

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punching air during sleep / 沉睡中對空打拳

yeah...another one of those "i had a dream" posts.

this one was tacky.  i don't remember the details but i remember getting into a street fight in the dream and as i was waking up, i clearly made a fist in the air before realizing it was just a dream.  sometimes, when i slip and trip over myself in a dream, i'd twitch my legs like i fell over and woke up to realize what happened.  it's just so damn weird when that happens.


這個有點怪。較為細節一點的東西我大概已經忘記了不過記得在夢中被捲入街頭打鬥。同時在現實中甦...Read more

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I just had a nightmare.

My desktop computer turned on by itself and began formatting itself.  i kept pressing the reset button but it wouldn't respond and it kept formatting...then, i got woken up by a phone call and realized that it's just a dream...a really bad dream...

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