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blind as a bat / 盲如蝙幅

Just came back from Canada's Wonderland.  Worst thing happened to me on the first ride I took.  I went on their Top Gun ride and my glasses flew off.  Even up to now, I cannot find it back.  Spent the entire day walking like a blind man with 900 degree vision.  Fuck!


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Short review: Mad Detective / 簡短影評﹕神探

Playing at the TIFF is Johnnie To and Wai Ka-Fai's "Mad Detective" starring Andy On as a crime bureau officer seeking help from a delusional nutty ex-cop (Lau Ching-Wan) on an unsolved case of a missing cop.  As nutty as Bun may be, he is known to be an exceptional investigator who uses unorthodox methods to solve crimes and believes he has the gift of seeing the inner personalities of the criminal mind.  He was discharged from the police force for his odd behavīor including cutting off his ear and giving ...Read more

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Emo fanboy pledging for Britney Spears


This caught my attention when I was watching E! with my friend tonight.  Bizarre fanaticism at its best!

Video: http://youtube.com/watch?v=kHmvkRoEowc

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Hong Kong, here I come! / 香港﹐我來了~﹗

I won't hide it but it's been well over 10 years since my last trip to Hong Kong.  My little cousins were just babies when I went there in 1997.  (Yeah...they were cute and cuddly back then.   Dunno how they are right now)  Giordano's were the fuckin' bomb back in the day and I still intend to buy a wallet from their store.  This time, I'll make sure I buy 2 more backup wallets from them. 

Now where the hell was I again?  Oh yes, I don't have much friends down there and the only people I can...Read more

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Interview with Collin Chou

Haha!  I was digging through my old e-mail just to see if there's any that I should throw out.  Then lo and behold, I found this old interview that I conducted with actor Collin Chou which I made for my old website (which has closed down).  This was done way back when the Matrix sequels were coming out to theatres so this interview is a little dated.  Enjoy!

1) So, tell us about your character Seraph. (Describe what kind of person he


Collin: Seraph is the guardian of the oracle. He takes his wo...Read more

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Memories of babysitting (not so fond ones)


The story I'm about to share with y'all is a true story.  Any namedropping claims is invalid because this is based on a true event.  In fact, this happened over 10 years ago when I was merely a young man in my mid-teens.  I would often go with my dad t...Read more

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Those who deserve applaud / 值得讚揚的人

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ejdwubXnxL0

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Just a little further... / 只差一點點。。。

I've got just about 10 minutes of dialogue left to translate for the American DVD release of "The Chinese Torture Chamber" starring Lawrence Ng, Yung Hung, Elvis Tsui and etc.  This was definitely much delayed and should've been finished more than a month ago but alas, I had other commitments to do deal with at the time and it took me an entire summer to finish.  Hopefully, my tardiness will make it just in time for its planned November release. 

TGIF, baby!


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Weird change of pace but after the last few weeks of getting really active, I've finally got to stay home doing absolutely nothing but sleep for most of the afternoon.  There's an explanation to that actually.  I came back from home after another night of the usual drinking out with friends at around 5a.m. or so.  Sleep was interrupted early in the afternoon and after the several calls, I got a little too tired to start work for today so I just slept through the afternoon.  Now I've got another worry.  My daily schedule which I've...Read more

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what men can never understand from women... / 男人對女人永遠想不通的東西

I'm not saying this out of personal experience but rather out of observation.  I'm pretty sure that men can attest to what I'm going to say.  It just seems to me that men usually want the simple things in life while women tend to make things so much more complicated.  I've actually been discussing this topic with a few of my friends and fact of the matter is, we can never come to a conclusion.  Before I can even elaborate on this, I'd like to start a small little discussion on th...Read more

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