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How to hide your stash of marijuana

haha!  I love this video.


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long sleep

oh man...i musta had some good sleep today...

started around 6am and find myself waking up 30 minutes ago (4pm).  now i don't know if i wanna head down to Pacific Mall and buy "Flashpoint" on dvd yet.  i'm way too chillaxed right now... 

if only i had a bong and some ganja....

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Equivalent Exchange / 等價交換

Well, it's confirmed that I will be in Hong Kong from November 18th to December 25th.  Yes, I can't wait to check how things are in Hong Kong and I know it'll be fun.  But then, I was walking around my place this morning and heard on the radio that Jacky Cheung will be having a concert on December 19th.  Now, I've gotta be honest here.  I've never seen Jacky Cheung live in concert before and I've always wanted to see his live performance one day.  For the price of going to Hong Kong, I can't see Jacky Ch...Read more

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Why I can't stand moon cakes / 我為何這麼討厭食月餅

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival, everybody!

But I'll have to be frank about this one little fact:  I can't stand moon cakes.

I mean, I used to love it when I was a kid.  It was a great desert but fact of the matter is, I also used to get a ton of moon cakes given to me (and I still do) during the season.  My grandfather was very well known within the Cantonese opera community and many of his famous Cantonese opera singing friends from Hong Kong would have my kitchen piled up with moon cakes.  I&...Read more

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toying around with ringtones

Ever since I got my Samsung D-600, I've developed a new love.  I began finding unique ringtones for myself.  Everything from the Simpsons theme to the Flaming Moe song, i set them up as my ringtone for a week or two and switch on to something else.  Here's one I'd like to share.  I've been using this as my ringtone lately.

Jim Chim - Song of the Plumber King


自從我得到了新電話之後﹐我就找到了新的喜好。我漸漸開始為自己...Read more

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coming back to the norm / 開始回復正常

After spending 6 consecutive days without corrected vision, I finally picked up my new glasses and see things the way I should be seeing.  While I am still ill, I am feeling a little better now except for the bit of phlegm I've been trying to spit out.  So yup...today and tomorrow, I've gotta catch up on work.


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Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII / 危機之源﹕太空戰士7

Despite the bad week with my glasses gone and the flu, I guess the only redeeming thing of the week was being able to test out "Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7" for the PSP.  Even though the language barrier is there, I was still able to get thru the game.  As expected from Square-Enix, the graphics are beyond amazing.  Their work on the NDS games look great and they sure know how to test the consoles to their limits.  This PSP game is no exception.  Sometimes, I couldn't even tell which are in-game grap...Read more

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Coolest van ever

I'm disappointed to hear that they're going to take it down sooner or later.

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sick again... / 又是病倒了。。。

Not only am I blind since yesterday's incident at Canada's Wonderland, I'm sick again!  This time is worse than last time cuz it's the type with the runny nose and the sore dried throat.  This just keeps getting worse and worse!  Definitely not my day! 


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