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video greeting

English version

Video: http://youtube.com/watch?v=Plr5X2mczO0

Mandarin version

Video: http://youtube.com/watch?v=U2jvnAoW_0M In Cantonese

Video: http://youtube.com/watch?v=rzuZZrgYrzw

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bad grandson (NSFW)

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FoZmtoV-ubo

Yes, there is swearing so caution to the kiddies and those in an office, you have been warned.

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a little tidbit about me...

Yes, I play these kind of games on my DS.  And I'm not afraid to admit it.

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warning: viewer discretion is advised

for the full picture, go here!


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Rotten luck... / 行衰運。。。

So I got an automated phone call today from Walmart tellin' me that I won a 5 day vacation to the Cancun and was told to press 1 for details.  I pressed 1 and I'm waiting for my details.  Dial tone was there and everything went silent until it hung up.  Guess my chance to claim my prize has now gone down the drain.  But whatever...  I'm going to Hong Kong for a month anyway.

今天收到WALMART打來的電話告訴我贏了墨西哥 坎昆市的五天假期。還叫我按“1”聽著詳容。那我就照吩咐按“1”。等等下無端端收線。我猜我領獎機會沒了。不管了。。。反正我會飛到香港逗留一個月﹗

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The irony of work / 工作的矛盾

It's been well over a week since I did any work at all.  Kinda takin' some time off ever since I finished work on the upcoming DVD re-release of "Beyond's Diary".  (or maybe it's a first dvd release specifically for this movie?)  Other than my small involvement with Diskotek Media's upcoming release of "The Stormriders", I've done nothing at all.  And to tell you the truth, it's driving me mad.  Now, if I went out there and got a job, the translating workload will come back and pile up...Read more

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Didn't enjoy "Lust, Caution" as I should have

I just came back from watching "Lust, Caution" tonight and I didn't really enjoy it as much.  My eyes were looking all over the place because there were no Chinese subtitles.  So I basically listening to the Mandarin dialogue and reading the English subtitles at the same time.  Got so dizzy that I fell asleep twice.  Had the most awkward sleeping hours this week so I couldn't concentrate on the movie as I should be.  Tang Wei's acting was terrific in this movie and I see a brig...Read more

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Dragon Ball Z: Sparking Neo

The long-awaited third entry in the "Dragon Ball Z: Sparking!" series has finally arrived for the PS2 and Wii in Japan.  Back when the second game came out last year, I thought it was rather odd that Bandai-Namco/Atari would rush out for a third game so soon after the second installment.  The second game was already as good as it gets and the story mode is obviously tired out as it's being retold over and over again.  I had my suspicions before this third game came out.  I doubted that they were going to make any imp...Read more

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I've got a golden ticket~!

The second half in the 11th season of "South Park" has finally aired in the US last night and people have waited throughout the entire summer for new episodes of South Park to show up.  This time, Cartman discovers the advantage of having tourette's syndrome and plans to say some horrible things about Jewish people on national television.  His scheme was so ingenious until it finally caught on to him when he began saying things out of the blue.  Just wait till you see the ending of the episode to see the irony her...Read more

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Okay, I'll be honest with you.  I don't listen to them and know next to nothing about them so I'm not going to talk about them.  I'll explain this a little shortly.  Tonight, I tried to sleep early so I can re-adjust myself to a normal sleeping pattern.  But within an hour, I was awakened by something that distracted me.  I hear a police dispatch radio and it was like knocking my head.  Hard to explain but I felt something in my head.  So I woke up, looked around and I was pretty sure there was no radio around me.  The laptop was se...Read more

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